Lunch at Wide Open Road

My sister and I recently had lunch at Wide Open Road.  I recommended the smashed peas on sourdough with wild rice tabouleh and maple walnuts, which I blogged about after my previous visit to Wide Open Road.  As this was my third visit to Wide Open Road, I opted for something I hadn’t tried yet, even though I was again tempted by the slow cooked cannellini beans.  I went for the apple slaw sandwich with avocado and beetroot.  As I was eating it I thought “why don’t my sandwiches turn out this good?”  Maybe because I rarely make sandwiches at home?



Wide Open Road is located at 274 Barkly Street, Brunswick.  See their website for more details:


Brickventures, more adventures and smashed peas at Wide Open Road


(and lots and lots of photos)

Brickventures was held at the Royal Exhibition Building this weekend.  This was our nice leisurely stroll up to the entrance doors:




I’d love to live inside a place like this.  I’d call it “Crash Landed Mothership from Planet Rubiksoid”:

…and this was our view when we turned the corner.  Totally brilliant idea of mine to arrive early and get a spot near the doors, out of the sun.  Tootes brill:


Scenic shots park shots shots of flowers shots of random stuff BLAH BLAH BRING ON THE LEGO:







You know that scene in Flying High/Airplane where the woman is hysterical and everyone is lining up?







Mega coolness (that includes the tie and the pinafore). How cool to score a modelling gig like this:




When we left, Husband took Arthur and DeeW off to my in laws for the rest of the day so I could go home and get some work done without interruption.  But you know how it is with beautiful sunny days and an open door to an op shop:







I was starving and decided on Wide Open Road for brunch.  I’ve been wanting to go back to try the smashed peas dish ever since I visited WOR and tried those delicious slow cooked beans.  I walked in and noticed about five people with the smashed peas on sourdough with wild rice tabouleh and maple walnuts.  Pretty good stuff obviously!  And it did not disappoint:


Absolutely delicious!  I left the maple walnuts until last.  I’m so in love with maple walnuts.  Everything was juuust right.  So with a nice full belly I waddled to the tram stop because I suddenly felt too happy-lazy to go to Savers.

So all in all, a fabulous morning with hundreds of fellow geeks, followed by fabulous strolling about town with camera in hand and finished with a fabulous meal.  Fab fab fab!

May your news be fab news, and good day  🙂

Brunch at Wide Open Road

I had to drop in to Savers today (my favourite store especially on their sale days, yay for cheap vintage clothing) but on the way there my stomach was growling and I knew I’d be spending at least an hour in Savers.  So I decided to go and have some brunch at Wide Open Road first.  This was my first visit there.

Don’t be turned off by the slightly dodgy looking street:



I was there at around 10am (today is Saturday) and it was pretty busy.  The staff were helpful in pointing out the vegan options on the menu.  I went for the $12.50 Henry’s White Beans which are slow cooked cannellini beans sprinkled with dukkah and toast on the side:



Whenever I cook bean dishes for myself, I’m always sitting there saying mehhh, I bet I’d love this if it were from a restaurant but when I make it, it’s mehhh.  I really enjoyed this dish and hope to be able to replicate it at home but I’m more than happy to not bother and just go back to Wide Open Road when I need a fix.  None of the flavors were overpowering and the small drizzle of oil was the right amount.  The beans were creamy without being mooshy. I used up that lemon wedge to good effect.  My meal was served in about five minutes.

Wide Open Road is quite spacious.  I chose to sit by the big open window along the bench table.  I’m glad the window was open but I’m not a fan of stools that are fixed to the floor so if I’m there with company I’ll go for the chairs.

I had to visit the toilet and to be honest, they’re a bit of a trek away and my thoughts were “if I have to call out for help, nobody will hear me”.  I did stop at one point, thinking I’d just wait to use the toilet at home but my bladder was all pffft yeah right don’t forget we’re going to Aldi after Savers.  I’ll be honest, I did feel a little concerned about the layout and distance to the toilets.  Concerned, as in I began to summon my inner Chuck Norris.  I mean Chuck Norris from before the Walker: Texas Ranger days because you’re not going to see me break out a sad roundhouse kick in slo-mo.

This is the journey to the toilets.   They’re waaaay in the distance over there.  Past the Monaro, way past the ‘Toilets’ sign:


I forgot to take a photo of the menu for my own records, so now I can’t remember the exact descriptions of the other vegan options on the menu.  I do remember the smashed peas on sourdough with wild rice tabouleh and maple walnuts because it sounded awesome.  I’ll be going back for that! Overall I was happy with my meal and the service and I’m looking forward to returning.


Here are some happy snaps on the walk from Wide Open Road to Savers along Sydney Road.  I love my home town:







Wide Open Road is located at 274 Barkly Street, Brunswick.  See their website for more details: