The White Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, West Melbourne

I had things to do in North Melbourne/West Melbourne this week and finished up at 6pm.  Which was perfect timing because I was standing outside White Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant when I was done    🙂

Everything on the menu is vegan and White Lotus do not use onions or garlic.  I had a tough time deciding what to get and in the end I settled for the curry clay pot (with a side of plain rice) as I’d heard people recommend it.  When my clay pot arrived there were a few big pieces of tofu and some mock meat pieces as well as potato, eggplant, sweet potato and carrot.  The serving was just right, though the meal didn’t exactly blow me away like I was hoping and dare I say it was a little on the bland side (though I’m a big garlic fan!).  I would still go back as the service was friendly, the place is completely unpretentious and it’s super easy for me to get to (yeah, I only just worked that one out the day I went there):


The waitress told me the mock fish is one of their more popular dishes, especially with groups.  The couple next to me ordered the lemon chicken and it looked great.  I might try the fish on a return visit as it is made with soy and not wheat.


The White Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant is located at 185 Victoria Street, West Melbourne.  They accept cash only.

Dinner at Warung Agus

The great thing about ‘traveling’ in veg*n blog circles is that I get to see great recommendations for places to eat.  The other day I read about the Good Hearted’s visit to Warung Agus and decided I had to visit there asap!  So tonight, my mum, sister and brother in law rocked up as soon as Warung Agus opened (with a reservation!).  We’re early dinner people.  Mum always had dinner on the table by 6pm and I freely admit that when my friends make dinner reservations for 7:30pm or later it is TORTURE.






For the entree, I ordered the ‘Apokat Mebasa Santen Misi Oong-Avocado with mushroom and coconut cream sauce’. I only remembered to take a photo after I messily plopped it on to my plate:


My sister got the ‘Krupuk Singkong -Basket of spicy vegetarian cassava crackers and peanut sauce’:


Alas, I can not talk about my mum and brother in law’s meals as they weren’t vegan  🙂

For my main I got the ‘Tuung Mebasa Santen Lalah Manis- Sliced eggplant and tofu braised in coconut milk, sweet soy and spicy gravy’:


My sister got the ‘Toge- Traditional Balinese gado gado – Mountain of steamed vegetables and bean curd with peanut sauce and cassava crackers’:


My sister and I also ordered the ‘lemonade’:


We were all really happy with our meals.  My eggplant tofu was a little on the sweet side for me but delicious nonetheless.  Same with the lemonade which was pretty sweet indeed but I’d order it again as it was perfect for today’s hot stuffy weather.  We were way too full to eat dessert, although I didn’t see anything on the menu marked with a ‘V’ (and didn’t ask about it as we weren’t ordering anything).

I’m looking forward to visiting again as the meals and service were all great.

Warung Agus is located at 350 Victoria Street, West Melbourne.  Website is here.  Be mindful that they don’t take Eftpos!