World Vegan Day 2013 and more info on Loving Hut in Northcote

Today my sister and I headed off to World Vegan Day here in Melbourne.  The start time was advertised at 10am so we figured we’d “get there early before the crowds”.  About fifty million other people had the same brilliant idea.

It was difficult to take photos inside as there were people everywhere and I was conscious of stopping the flow of traffic in the aisles, which unfortunately (in my opinion) were a bit too squishy.  It was a good decision to leave the kids at home and I felt for the people with prams! Personally, I preferred last year’s set up outdoors (though some people prefer the indoor arrangement).  I don’t like crowds much and I had a shopping basket with me today and at times it was really difficult to move around. So I apologise for the lack of photos:


First off: lunch!  I feel a bit silly not knowing the name of this business, but my sister and I had some dumplings and shared a Vietnamese pancake.  Both meals were delicious:



We polished it off with a Bounty (coconut flavour) gelato in a waffle cone from Fritz Gelato:


Here are some of the exhibitors.  One of my go-to stores, Global  Green Vegetarian Food Mart in Braybrook:


Gorgeous soaps from High Tea in the Bath:


I bought a stainless steel straw, though I was eyeing off the glass straw:


The fabulous Al Nada sweets were on offer:


I came home with a stainless steel straw for my juices and smoothies, a Mac and Cheese from Bed and Broccoli and some Fresh Ginger ginger ale.  I tried all the ginger ale samples and decided the Jasmine Tea was my favourite, though all were delicious:



Ideally I would have liked to do a few more laps of all the stalls as I felt I had rushed through due to the crowds but I started feeling a bit too ‘over it’ (ditto for my sister) and so we decided to go home.  I do appreciate the work involved in organising an event like this, but for me last year’s outdoor setup was lovely as lots of people were lounging around on picnic blanket.  There was more room for the queues too.

Now on to the info about Loving Hut Northcote that is opening soon.  An exhibitor told me that the Northcote restaurant will feature more European style dishes like pasta.  I’m pretty sure she said French and Italian influenced.  I’m curious to see what they’ll be serving though we still don’t know when they’ll be open for business.

Did you go to a World Vegan Day?

Vegan Easy Market and ALV Christmas Celebration

Today I headed off to the Eco Centre in St. Kilda where the Vegan Easy Market and Animal Liberation Victoria Christmas Celebration were being held.  What a great day!  My friends and I arrived around midday.  Naturally, I headed right for the food.

Lunch was sausage sizzle (if you’re reading from another part of the world, a sausage sizzle is a barbequed sausage on a piece of bread).  Add onions if you have gourmet tastes like me:


 Try to stop your sausage from flopping to one side while you take a photo of it:


Tasty delights at the bake sale table:


Mel, The Kind Cook, made some fabbo gingerbread peeps:


I also watched Patty Mark’s ‘TofuTurkey’ cooking demo.  Yay for front row seats, you get the best view and the best whiffs of awesome smelling food:



We finished off with pizzas from the nearby Mr. Natural Vegetarian Pizza joint and ate them by the beach.  I went for a pizza topped with mushroom, onion, bean sprouts, corn, green capsicum, beans and tofu (no vegan cheese for me as it was a couple bucks extra and I’m not a huge fan anyway).  Lots of vegie goodness in there but next time I might go for the lentil dhal or something plainer like a vegan hawaiian pizza.  And take a better photo:


Okay, time to go finish off a fabulous day with some green tea and a Leda chocolate biscuit (yeah, my healthy eating was sort of accidentally forgotten today).