Stuffed Thanksgiving Burger by Isa Chandra M

Growing up, my sister and I absolutely hated the stuffing you’d get with purchased roast chicken.  There was always that ‘taste’ to the stuffing we both found revolting and years later we discovered it was sage.  Or rosemary, or both.  Anyway, as adults we ended up cooking a lot with rosemary but sage was always a bit hmmmm. Growing up in a Greek family, we never had stuffing with chicken.  My sister and I did come to love the stuffing that came with (in?) the roast chickens from the charcoal chicken place around the corner from us, in pre-vegan times.

I’ve never made stuffing in my life so I had no idea how to replicate it.  That is, until Isa Chandra M posted this recipe for a Stuffed Thanksgiving Burger over at The Post Punk Kitchen.

Oh my goodness, a burger that is entirely made of stuffing!!! STUFFING!  I even went and bought celery for this:


The hazelnuts give a nice little crunch and I can safely say I can now have a stuffing fix whenever I like. Life is GOOD, all served on a retro Bessemer plate in a bad photo:


I’m planning on making up the mix for Christmas lunch and cooking them on the bbq.  Yummmm!