Carrot Semolina Halva from Vegan Eats World

It seems all I am doing these days is trying out new recipes.  I have quite a few functions on this month where I have to take  food so I’ve been trying stuff out.

My latest experiment was the Carrot Semolina Halva from Terry Hope Romero’s Vegan Eats World.  I’ve had many variations of halva in my time, as different cultures have their own versions.  My grandmother made hers with lots of oil and semolina that spits in the pot and you have to be careful not to take your eye out with spattering oil.  Here’s a photo I found online, my grandmother used to pour hers in to a pie dish and turn it out, so the pieces were about 1cm high:

 My mum makes another version which turns out almost like a blancmange, again using lots of oil.  Here’s a picture I found which looks like the one my mum makes except mum adds chopped walnuts:

And then there’s the grey halva  you buy in Middle Eastern and Greek delis, which is basically tahini with a ton of sweetener (and it’s delicious and often vegan, check to see if it contains honey as some brands do).  Some have nuts mixed in, or chocolate:

I find all halva a bit too sweet so when I tried this recipe I cut the sugar way down.  Bad photo time.  The wall behind the books looks grotty, I know, but I swear it’s not grime or anything gross!  I haven’t bothered touching it up as we’re going to rip it all out next year:


It tasted pretty good (I’m a fan of cardamom), but the consistency wasn’t right, probably because I changed the recipe to suit my tastes 🙂  When it set I couldn’t cut it in to individual pieces as it was a bit too soft for that but this would be great served in individual bowls.  This is a recipe I would make again, cutting the sugar again by a lot and serving it in smaller bowls.

Thumbs up to Terry though, this is a really good recipe!