Lunch at RUSU Realfoods (again)

Last week I blogged about my lunch at the RMIT University Realfoods Cafe.  I was in the same part of town today and knew exactly where I wanted to go for lunch!  Actually, I had planned on going to Wonderbao but forgot the address so decided on Realfoods this time (then worked out I had practically walked past Wonderbao, doh).

The lunch rush was well and truly over and the only thing left at Realfoods was vegan pizza and desserts.  I got one of both  😉


The pizza was really tasty. But the raw tiramisu I bought for $7.50 (it’s my last hurrah dessert as I’m about to start a ‘diet’) was amazingly amazing.  Oh my goodness.  If you ever thought eating raw meant you miss out on desserts, you are so so so wrong.  You’re from Planet Wrong.  It was simply divine and that’s all I can really say about it.  It was very thick and rich and so good that I couldn’t put it down to take another photo.  It’s $7.50 well spent but I advise you to savour it.  Not shovel it in like I did, because I was in a bit of a hurry.

I also took some photos around town.  I do have to wonder: since when did being a uni student involve dressing like one is going to a fashion show?  Back in my day it was all about the jeans, flanny shirt and Blundstones.  Maybe I’m just old?

Here are some pics from around RMIT:



The State Library of Victoria:


Australia On Collins:


The Shot Tower at Melbourne Central:



Other stuff in Melbourne Central:



The Block Arcade:



Pretty trams all in a row:


Random here-and-there:





Mercifully, the temperature has dropped in Melbourne so it was perfect weather to walk around and take my time about it!


Lunch at RMIT RUSU Realfoods Cafe

I was in the city again today near RMIT (that’s the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University) so for lunch I decided on RUSU (that’s RMIT University Student Union) Realfoods (whew).  RUSU Realfoods serve organic fair trade vegan and vegetarian foods.  I’ve had some delicious raw meals and dessert from there before and today I went for the brown rice with the three curries on offer (veg and lentils).  For $8.50 I had a delicious filling lunch:


I was eyeing off the lemon coconut cake but as I decided this morning to stop the sweets (as much as possible *cough*), I sadly waved goodbye to it.

I would have taken more of my usual city photos but my camera battery was low so today all you get is the food  🙂




RUSU Realfoods is located at RMIT University City Campus, 360 Swanston St, food court, building 8, level 4, Melbourne, Australia, Earth etc.  They are only open during the university semesters.