Dinner at Rumi, Brunswick East

After today’s lunch, I was quite determined to have a green juice for dinner but we had a last minute change of plans and the chance to enjoy good company so we headed off to Rumi in Brunswick East.  I’ve never been there before but my sister recommended the vegan options.

The staff that served us were incredibly helpful and went through all the vegan options.  I chose the fried (I know, I know) potatoes with lemon, garlic and sumac.  These were nice and crunchy on the outside and enough for a few people to share, if you have other dishes.  The idea at Rumi is that food is shared, rather than a big meal all to yourself.  I also went for the eggplant dish (not listed on the website’s menu) with mint and red onion and a yoghurt sauce– the vegan option was a tahini sauce in place of the yoghurt. A plain pita bread was rolled up and served alongside:

Rumi dinner

These were very tasty and certainly best enjoyed with company where everyone shares what’s on offer.  I asked about vegan desserts and the options were the Persian floss, Turkish Delight (made with cornflour not gelatine) and pistachio halva.  However as these were not made by Rumi, they could not guarantee they were definitely vegan.  The in-house options that could be veganised were dates with (I think) labneh, or poached peaches without the dairy component, but essentially you’d end up with just dates or the peaches.  So those two options didn’t really appeal to me, even though I appreciate that Rumi were happy to make these vegan.

Rumi is located at 116 Lygon Street in East Brunswick.  As I said, staff were great and I left there feeling quite happy that more people seem to get the whole vegan thing. 

* A note on how I felt, given I’ve been mostly raw all week: I did feel the effect of eating the oil in the eggplant and potatoes.  I haven’t been eating much oil this week, just the odd teensy bit of coconut oil in smoothies here and there, when taking nuts/fats in to consideration.  I really feel an urge to go completely green-juice this week!