Tofu Shop International, Richmond

This blog post is about a month late, as I visited The Tofu Shop a while ago.  This time, I remembered to take a photo of the outside (well, technically Husband did while I was inside ordering):


I can’t really remember now what I ordered but I believe it was some kind of tofu veg curry, and a separate lot of roast vegetables and broccoli served on brown rice.  I wasn’t blown away and I couldn’t help feel it was overpriced for what I got (my serving of rice was really, really small and I was still hungry afterwards which is never a good sign when you pay a fair bit):


As we were on our way to visit family, I decided to pick up a few of the tofu based desserts.  I found the taste of tofu very strong and although I love tofu and using it in sweets, I like the taste of tofu to be hidden in dessert.  None of the desserts I’ve made with tofu have the tofu taste and I’ve been able to fool the I-hate-tofu crowd.  Still, if you don’t mind a strong tofu taste in your dessert you’ll like these:


Although service was friendly, I found the ordering process a little confusing  which made me wonder if there was some kind of ordering protocol that the regulars would know about but as a newcomer I wouldn’t.  The woman behind the counter even asked if I had been there before.  I had asked what the vegan options were and could I have a selection of them on rice, but then I was treated to a confusing explanation (which I don’t remember as I started feeling frazzled) only to end up with what I’d asked for.  Friendly, but confusing.

Tofu Shop International is located at 78 Bridge Road, Richmond.

Lunch at Fina Vietnamese Vegetarian Cafe, Richmond

Husband and I were passing through Richmond and I loaded up the Happy Cow app, as you do, because my stomach was growling.  And while we were waiting in traffic and for the app to load, I spotted a sign saying Fina Vegetarian Vietnamese food.  I hadn’t tried Fina so I was very pleased to just get Husband to pull over in to a convenient parking space right outside Fina!

I looooove Vietnamese food but haven’t been to a Vietnamese cafe since my pre-vegan days.  I asked the friendly dude there if they had vegan options and he said pretty much everything in the menu book is vegan.  Win!

The menu book contains pictures of the dishes they offer.  Husband wasn’t hungry so he went off to be a geek somewhere while I stuffed my face with this amazing curry for $10.50 (and it was a big bowl, though I could easily have gone for another serving of rice):


This was one of the nicest curries I’ve had and I would love to learn how to replicate it.  I ate the leftovers in the bowl like soup.

Fina have a big lot of cakes and desserts in their counter display but none are vegan.  Still, I’d happily return for more of this delicious curry.


Fina has been visited by Where’s The Beef here and here .

Fina Vegetarian Vietnamese Cafe is located at 268 Victoria Street, Richmond.