Mini Wellingtons from Vegan Lunchbox

One book I always flip through, make bookmarks, but never end up using (my fault, not the book’s!) is Vegan Lunchbox.  Same with Vegan Lunchbox Around The World.  It’s full of great ideas but for reasons unknown, it spends most of its time on the shelf.  Not today!  I decided to make the Mini Wellingtons as I had two more puff pastry sheets to use up, which meant I had to halve the recipe.

The filling is very straightforward: chickpeas, walnuts, oat bran, brown rice and some tasty flavours.  You moosh it up in a food processor, then make the cute little parcels with the pastry.  DeeW helped me out:

Mini Wellingtons

I have a love-hate relationship with puff pastry.  Even if it’s burnt on the bottom, to me the sides of whatever I’m making never seem cooked.  So even if it means spoiling the final result, I will flip my little parcels over and place them around the edges of the oven tray so the sides get done.  Sure it may look fugly in the end but hey, at least I know it’s cooked.  Here’s DeeW’s plate:

Mini Wellingtons

DeeW ended up eating the pastry only but Arthur and Husband ate the whole thing.  Me too of course.  At least I’m confident that Arthur will eat the filling if I make it as burgers!


Vegan Sausage Rolls

My son, named Arthur on this blog,  is a very fussy eater.  Getting him to try new foods involves bribery, corruption and lots of fibbing.

This week I decided to try some of the Linda McCartney vegan sausage rolls.  I don’t usually buy that kind of stuff but I thought I’d give it a go.   Better that than me slaving over a homemade batch to have him say “these taste 30% good but 70% poopy”.  Anyway he loved them and asked me to buy more.  “Buy?” I said.  “You mean you want me to MAKE more”.  I’m sneaky this way.  I’m happy to take the credit.  And then he said “hey Mumz, how do you make a sausage roll?  Just GIVE IT A LITTLE PUSH”.  And I was all very funny sweetheart but please don’t talk with your mouth full of flaky pastry because now we need to vacuum the floor again.

So my challenge was to then make my own vegan sausage rolls that would taste enough like the Linda McCartney variety.  My vegan buddy swears by the recipe over at Where’s The Beef, so I decided to give that a go.

The hardest part of this recipe was trying to find my pastry brush.  I looove recipes where things are thrown in to a food processor because I’m lazy.

Bring forth the roll of no-sausage and bathe it in Heinz:

Critic Review Time.  This is where I get nervous.  Like Iron Chef.

Me: “these are amazing and would absolutely fool anyone who indulges in high fat offal tubes.  If I had this before I was vegan, I would believe it if you told me they came from Fergusson Plarre”.

Husband: “these are good.  I just need a bit more sauce”.

Arthur: “these are 100% delicious out of 100.  See this Superman S on my t-shirt?  The S stands for Sausage Roll Man”.

DeeW: “can you make me something else to eat?” Let us strike her opinion from the record on the basis of Puff Pastry Refusal.

This is a fantastic recipe.  Trust me, you can NOT taste the tofu.  Husband was sitting there peering inside the rolls to see what he could make out.  Fooled good and proper, which always gets a thumbs up from me!