Nirvana Enchilada Casserole by Isa Chandra M

There’s much excitement in vegan homes around the world because Isa Chandra Moskowitz has a new cookbook out called Isa Does It. I’m hanging out impatiently for my copy to arrive and I’ve moved my other Isa books around to make room for the new arrival.

Isa has put some of the recipes up on The Post Punk Kitchen blog, along with videos.  Because I was drooling the whole way through the video for Nirvana Enchilada Casserole, I figured I better make it FAST.

This meant a trip to La Tortilleria in Kensington to pick up some handmade corn tortillas:


Of course, whenever I set out to make such a grand recipe, there’s always a hiccup.  This time I thought I had two cans of black beans (the recipe says pinto but I like black beans).  Turns out I only had one can.  The only other can of beans I had were cannellini so I used those along with my one can of black beans.

This recipe does take a fair bit of prep work and I had to make sure Arthur and DeeW were properly occupied for at least an hour while I chopped and roasted the potatoes, cut up onions, garlic and mushrooms and kept an eye on the enchilada sauce, the other eye on the roasting spuds and the other eye (?!) on the filling.  All the while doing my ‘clean as you go’ kitchen dance.  Which is where I have to clean up while I prepare and cook because my kitchen is so teeny tiny that I literally run out of room. I’d prepared the cashew cream earlier and you can also prepare the enchilada sauce in advance.

Let me tell you now that a sizeable amount of the filling did not make it to the casserole.  I couldn’t help it, the crispy potato mixed with the beans, mushroom, onion, garlic and lime juice was just too divine:


Isa isn’t kidding when she says the smothering-tortillas-in-sauce bit is messy.  It’s messy but I wonder how much of that has to do with my being a complete klutz?

All baked-y:


This is a big casserole so share the love!  And thank you to my hometown of Melbourne for having cold casseroley autumn weather even though summer is less than three weeks away.  

Stuffed Thanksgiving Burger by Isa Chandra M

Growing up, my sister and I absolutely hated the stuffing you’d get with purchased roast chicken.  There was always that ‘taste’ to the stuffing we both found revolting and years later we discovered it was sage.  Or rosemary, or both.  Anyway, as adults we ended up cooking a lot with rosemary but sage was always a bit hmmmm. Growing up in a Greek family, we never had stuffing with chicken.  My sister and I did come to love the stuffing that came with (in?) the roast chickens from the charcoal chicken place around the corner from us, in pre-vegan times.

I’ve never made stuffing in my life so I had no idea how to replicate it.  That is, until Isa Chandra M posted this recipe for a Stuffed Thanksgiving Burger over at The Post Punk Kitchen.

Oh my goodness, a burger that is entirely made of stuffing!!! STUFFING!  I even went and bought celery for this:


The hazelnuts give a nice little crunch and I can safely say I can now have a stuffing fix whenever I like. Life is GOOD, all served on a retro Bessemer plate in a bad photo:


I’m planning on making up the mix for Christmas lunch and cooking them on the bbq.  Yummmm!