Goss ‘n Shop Op Shop, Sunshine

Today’s op shop: The Goss ‘n Shop Op Shop at Holy Apostles Anglican Church, 100 Anderson Road in Sunshine

Goss 'n Shop Op Shop Sunshine

The Goss ‘n Shop is one of my favourite op shops.  Truthfully, I haven’t found much stuff there for me personally, but it’s such a nice bright little shop with lovely people working there who are always up for a chat. Prices are reasonable and they sometimes have specials on certain categories of items:

Goss 'n Shop Op Shop Sunshine

Last year, I picked up a nice 1970s secretary dress or two from the rack on the right:

Goss 'n Shop Op Shop Sunshine

The toys area is mostly made up of soft toys, though there are a few games and other toddler toys:

Goss 'n Shop Op Shop Sunshine

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was this gorgeous flash of orange. A second later I had to contain myself.   S C O N E   H O L D E R ! ! !

vintage scone holder

From now on I just KNOW that scones will not taste good unless they are served in my new-old scone holder.  My mum was thrilled when she saw it too, she was “oh my goodness, I have not seen one of these in years and years”.  Thanks Mum but it’s MINE.  Even though you offered to wash and iron it.

How about you?  Ever found a scone holder?

Wayside Bargain Centre, Sunshine

Wayside Bargain Centre Sunshine

Today’s Op Shop: Wayside Bargain Centre, 30 Withers Street in Sunshine


I had a bit of a surprise walking in to the Wayside Bargain Centre, because it’s no longer your typical op shop.  Things have been repainted and moved around so it’s no longer as cramped and musty as it has been in the past.  I’m not sure when they completed the store update but it looks much better in there, however the upstairs area which formerly had books and games is now off limits. A worker there today told me it has changed from being an op shop in to more of a bargain centre. I must admit I felt a bit disappointed to hear this as I prefer op shops with their individual items as opposed to bargain centres with their lots-of-identical-items cheapies, but once I started browsing I saw the op shop element was still there. Womens dresses were the most expensive, priced at $6 each.  Skirts were about $5 each (in the past I picked up vintage pleated skirts for $1.50) and tops were around the $4 to $5 mark:

Wayside Bargain Centre Sunshine

Wayside Bargain Centre Sunshine

The books area is much smaller than it used to be but still good for a browse:

Wayside Bargain Centre Sunshine

Wayside still have a selection of furniture, in the past I bought two fantastic 1970s vinyl pouffes in mint condition for $5 each:

Wayside Bargain Centre Sunshine

The china and glassware section is also smaller than it was, previously it was all lovely and cramped and very op shoppy but now it’s more spaced out:

Wayside Bargain Centre Sunshine

Unfortunately my shopping here today was a bust in op shopping terms.  But I bought some of the bargain centre items: three ball gowns for DeeW’s dolls at $2.50 each and two pairs of socks for $1.50 (DeeW is always losing one sock). These were new ‘bargain’ items, not secondhand donated goods.

Wayside have the problem of people dumping their stuff overnight.  I’ve driven past many times during the evening and the outside is full of bags that spill out on to the road. If you want to go in, don’t be put off by stuff that has been dumped by the door.  It’s difficult for the shop to manage it.

There’s a large parking area right across the road from Wayside, and the Salvos op shop is a couple doors down. The St. Vinnies is also pretty closeby, within walking distance. Wayside also have coloured ticket sale days, where ticketed items of a certain ticket colour are half price. This half price sale goes for a week.

Red Cross Op Shop, Moonee Ponds

Today’s op shop: Red Cross Op Shop, 64 Puckle Street Moonee Ponds:

Red Cross op shop Moonee Ponds

Puckle Street in Moonee Ponds always had two op shops and today I discovered that one of them (the Care Bargain Centre) has closed down.  That sucks, because it was a good one. So after lunch, DeeW and I visited the Red Cross Op Shop. This op shop is mostly taken up with clothing, shoes and accessories:

Red Cross op shop Moonee Ponds

I was all oooooh over this lovely 1940s wedding dress (size XS if you want to go check it out) for $90. I didn’t have as much time to stroke it as I would have liked because going to an op shop with children isn’t exactly the brightest idea:

1940s wedding dress Red Cross op shop Moonee Ponds July2014

1940s wedding dress Red Cross op shop Moonee Ponds July2014

1940s wedding dress Red Cross op shop Moonee Ponds July2014


The clothing wasn’t on the cheaper op shop prices side, but things appeared to be carefully selected and labels included Country Road and Trenery, thanks to a recent collaboration with those labels. The Moonee Ponds Red Cross shop is set up more like a boutique, not a cramped dusty oppie. There was no toys/games area so options for kids were pretty much the clothing racks and not much else apart from a few soft toys. There was a small table with some bowls, platters and assorted ceramics:

Red Cross op shop Moonee Ponds

I found these sweet yet gives-me-creepy-vibe postcards and paid $2 for the eight of them:

vintage fairytale cards

I have no idea what it says on the back.  Probably something about being cursed if I don’t pass the cards on to sixty thousand friends:

vintage fairytale cards

I also picked up a $1 VCR tape of the Inspector Gadget movie for the kids. The downside is I’ll have to watch it too.

Op Shopping amazingness: 1940s Wood’s Ware ‘Beryl’ dinner set

Today’s op shop: Trinos Op Shop, 150A Cumberland Road Pascoe Vale:

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale

The Trinos Op Shop is one of my favourites. Every few weeks we drive past that area and I try to drop in because they seem to have a pretty high turnover when it comes to their stock. Better still, it’s one of those op shops where the prices are still relatively low enough for you to score a great bargain. Every few months they have a half price off storewide sale and I’ve picked up some great buys, which I’ll blog about soon.

There’s a table of clothing for children where each item is 20 cents. This is pretty hit and miss in my experience as some clothes show heavy signs of wear but I have picked up a few new looking tops:

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale

The crockery and glassware area has a lot of stuff, I’ve bought a few striped old coffee jars in the past:

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale

I loved this tv tray table (with the collapsible legs you can’t see here) but decided against it. If only the design were something different!

retro kids tv tray table

Lots of records and sewing patterns:

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale

Cutlery and kitchen utensils:

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale

Now for the fun part where I get to squeeee about what I bought. I found this cute little layered paper picture in a frame for DeeW’s room. I think I’ll put it in a different frame. I also picked up these bags of ribbon and sewing embellishments for DeeW’s sewing boxes:

paper art frame and sewing froufrou

layered paper art frame

The last thing I need are more drinking mugs but this $1 mug was too sweet to pass up. I also got an Oxo veggie peeler for $1 (usually a minimum of about $8 in stores) and this spoon (because I liked it despite the crack and I have the same one with a pink handle) for 20 cents:

Trinos op shop buys july 2014

I collect vintage/retro tea towels and lately I’ve been on the hunt for anything pineapply. This is in unused condition and cost $3. I’m going to bust it out in the hot weather:

retro pineapple queensland teatowel

And now one of my favourite finds of all time. Forget the drumroll, this calls for a Pharrell Williams and Will.i.am song penned just for me:

Wood's Ware Beryl mint green dinner set

A WOOD’S WARE OF ENGLAND THIRTY PIECE ‘BERYL’ DINNER SET FOR $20. FROM THE 1940s! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Can you believe it?! It’s in great condition and just needs a wash. The woman at the Trinos op shop said someone else came in yesterday and wanted it and said she’d be back in a day or two but they couldn’t guarantee it would be there. I didn’t catch the rest of what she said, I was too busy trying not to pee my pants:

Wood's Ware Beryl mint green dinner set

Wood's Ware Beryl mint green dinner set

When I go op shopping, I go for bargains– it’s all part of the thrill!  The Trinos Op Shop is definitely worth many visits.  Check out their website (linked to at the top of my post) for opening hours.  The items in the window are more expensive than what is in store, but the window is where they showcase the more valuable collectibles.

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale
Some other bargains I’ve grabbed from the Trinos Op Shop have been mentioned on the blog before but here are the pics.  Enjoy! (especially the vintage but most likely unused Mastermind)!

Vintage Mastermind game


New Places and Random Stuff

I’ve taken pics over the past few months but never blogged about where I went, what I did, what products I received for Christmas and so on.  I always meant to write up stuff but time got away from me so now I must lump it all in to one blog post.

Okay, new places!  In Melbourne we have a new vegan store in town called Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery in Preston.  The Facebook page for Mad Cowgirls has more info so check there first. I visited back in December but a lot of stuff had sold out and not able to be ordered back in for a while as suppliers were closed for Christmas.  Compared to a place like Radical, Mad Cowgirls is much smaller in size and naturally, the selection of products wasn’t as extensive but the business is still in its early days.  I asked about a couple of things and the owners said they would look in to stocking it, which was much appreciated!  Service was friendly too, always a plus!

Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery

Aaaages ago, I went to Shokuiku on High Street in Northcote.  It was a quick visit more to see what they had in there, as Husband and the kids were waiting in the car.  I’m a bit on the fence about my experience.  The place was not busy at all (one table had a couple seated, after I placed my order two more customers arrived for a take away order, so not busy at all).  I asked for a piece of the raw mocha choc cake in the fridge display to take away, paid, and then proceeded to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  There was absolutely no reason for the delay apart from the staff person just taking their time… which ended up being eleven minutes.  Eleven minutes of me standing there as useful as a half sucked jellybean as my mate T would say, with the cake right between myself and the staff member, who took her sweet time serving others after me instead of just taking twenty seconds to put my cake in the box. Just as I was about to ask if she could please do it now (instead of wiping down the counter area!) she decided it was time to get my cake.  I’ve since had people tell me how painfully slow the service was for them too, so yep… not really a place I’d go to again, despite being a fan of what they had on offer.  The cake was great though:

Shokuiku cake


Now for gift ideas!  When my sister asked what I wanted for Christmas, I said a 1kg tub of tahini.  I use it all the time and I love it, so to me it was the perfect present:

1kg tahini

I love Botanical Cuisine’s products and I bought the Lemon & Dill raw vegan Cheese from Mad Cowgirls.  Oh my goodness.  You know how there are some foods that make your eyes roll back with how good they are?  For me it was THIS:

Botanical Cuisine lemon dill cheese

When browsing those specials aisles in Aldi, for things I never really need, I saw these fruit jellies.  Husband likes them so I bought a packet.  Got home and realised they’re vegan!  No gelatin!  Well… I’m hoping they’re vegan.  The ingredients list looked completely vegan:


I went to a real deal op shop recently.  Real deal as in cramped, over crowded, dirt cheap and musty smelling.  Look at this amazing score for ONE DOLLAR:

icecubetraysI looooove cutesy ice cube trays, that can double as chocolate moulds, and these are divine!

I also loooove the green tea flavour of Nushie’s ice cream.  My sister bought this for me and kept it in mum’s freezer for my next visit:

I’m really pleased at how vegan offerings in Melbourne seem to be increasing all the time, ditto for raw food.  I think I’m more pleased about those ice cube trays though!