Another “What I Ate This Week” half job…

… it’s a half job because I haven’t been meal planning and what I’ve eaten seems far too boring for a blog!  Plus I haven’t put any effort in to my cooking at all recently, whoops.

We had some fantastic news with the arrival of our first niece. Yay!  When Arthur was little, Husband’s sister  bought him a giant stuffed toy emu.  It’s so big Husband uses the butt as a pillow.  We are considering passing this big gift back to her now with a big “MWAHAHAHA!”  😉

A few days ago, we woke up to find this:


That’s our car’s rear window.  Overnight, someone tried to break in, using some kind of sharp implement.  I had heard noises while I was watching Call The Midwife (fabulous show but mehhh, can’t warm to Nurse Jenny Lee at all) and opened the curtain to look out which may have disturbed the person because I didn’t hear anything after that.  Fortunately they didn’t get in, the car was otherwise okay and insurance has covered the repair which was done yesterday.  All that’s left is this reminder, which I’m yet to clean up because I can’t find our broom and am too lazy to search the back yard:


It could have been worse and we’re thankful our trusty steed sustained no other injury.

Two weeks ago, DeeW began a ballet class.  I now know first position, demi pointe, arabesque.  Maybe next time I’ll learn how to spell them:


On with the food!

Hallo!  What is in that bag?


It’s Lebanese zaatar bread and a spinach pide!


This week, I went back to Wonderbao and again got the three vegan options.  $7.50, you can’t go wrong!  Unless you can’t have gluten in which case, SAD FACE:


I went to one of those Noodle Hut(?) places for the first time.  You select the kind of noodles you want and vegies etc and they stir fry it for you.  I was a bit unimpressed with the $10 pricetag but I was so hungry and nothing else was open as it was a public holiday when I was out and about.  I chose the thick rice noodles with every single kind of vegie they had plus tofu.  I could have made something tastier at home, it was just garlic and soy sauce and waaaay too much oil.  I won’t be going back:


I bought some vegan burger patties.  I think this is the Macro brand curried chickpea burger eaten two ways.  Firstly in a sandwich overloaded with rocket (which I love, as you can tell):


and then in a bun with salsa and Tofutti sour cream:


‘nachos’… I had to tear up a square of Tofutti for my cheese:


Green curry vegies and rice served in a bowl that really makes this look terrible…


I’ve been eating way too much of this mock meat rendang curry.  I throw some vegies in and serve it over rice:


I hope your week had lots of excellent news!

What I Ate This…past month

I’ve been so slack with my “What I Ate This Week” posts.  I think it’s the hot weather really.  The last place I want to be is in the kitchen.

I  made some no-meatballs from tofu and pecans (and other stuff).  I thought they were okay, the family didn’t:


Lazy days: the Macro brand curried pumpkin and corn puffs and some dolmades from a tin:



Sausage rolls must be presented in a manner that pleases Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom:


My mum made some Greek stuffed vegetables (“yemista”):


A Lebanese zaatar bread base topped with olives and fresh veg:


A visit to Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop to try the sprinkle donuts.  I was really hungry and wanted something savoury and had planned to try the pizza scroll.  Then I saw the jalapeno cornbread muffins and got one of those because I’ve never tried cornbread made by a cornbread making expert.  My own cornbread was okay but I haven’t made it since becoming vegan.  Mister Nice Guy’s cornbread muffins have nice chunks of red capsicum and a liiiittle touch of heat but certainly not hot, so don’t let the jalapeno in the title scare you off.  Arthur got a cinnamon bun (of course) and I got a piece of blueberry pie to take home and share:




My meal planning has gone out the window and I’m blaming the hot weather  😉

What I ate this week: lots of smoothies edition

Husband returned from an interstate trip and gave this to Arthur.  SQUEEEEE!  Not that Arthur is a Red Dwarf fan, but he is a big Scrapheap Challenge fan:


On to the actual food. I love smoothies and juices.  I have at least one smoothie a day and my little turbo boosts of choice (not at the same time!) are matcha, chlorella, maca, flaxseed, hemp protein, hemp seed, hemp oil, Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend, cayenne, and chia seeds.  There are no doubt others I’ve forgotten.  Here are some of the smoothies I made this week.

Banana, orange, lemon, avocado, dates, cashew milk:


Pineapple, fresh coriander, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds, dates, coconut oil:


A tropical flavoured smoothie that turned out the colour of cack.  Attempt to convey the tropical flavour by allowing your daughter to include her sunnies and stick the glass in the Pacific:


Strawberry, plums, pomegranate, dates, hemp oil:


Spinach, banana, orange, hemp oil:


Baked tofu marinated in orange juice, ginger, garlic, mirin, tamari:


Self saucing microwave butterscotch pudding:


Curried pumpkin and corn balls from the Woolworths Macro brand.  They’re on special this week and reduced by $1.  I bought them to see if Arthur would like them and he did, so now I’ll try to create my own version:


I’m trialling a ‘revani’ cake, which is a semolina cake soaked in syrup.  When I get the vegan version right I’ll post the recipe here:


Fruit platter for the kids:


I accidentally deleted pics of the spaghetti no-meatballs and some chickpea curries.  Whoops…