Sloppy Joes at Las Vegan Cafe

I never knew that sloppy joe referred to food.  Growing up, a sloppy joe was always an item of clothing.  I think it was only a few years ago that I discovered it’s also something you eat.  I always meant to try the food version but it’s not the sort of thing my family go for, so I never bothered.  And to be honest, the idea of a kind of bolognese sauce in a bread bun didn’t appeal much to me either.

Well, the other day I had some business to do in Collingwood and Las Vegan was very closeby so that’s where I went to eat, being a hungry vegan and all.  I’ve been there before and enjoyed my nachos but this time I saw the sloppy joe and knew right away that’s what I’d get.

The cafe was quite full with only one person serving but the atmosphere was laid back.  To be honest though, I was starting to get a little peeved after half an hour when my meal still hadn’t arrived.  It arrived bang on the forty minute mark, with an apology for the delay which was appreciated. I was in a hurry that day too, hence feeling a bit frustrated at the wait.  Behold:


My sloppy joe and chips sure looked great (in person, not so much in this photo).  Unfortunately the sloppy joe itself was cold.  Now, maybe it’s supposed to be that way, I don’t know.  In which case, I’d prefer the meal be warm.  If it’s supposed to be cold, it’s not something I’d order again.  I’m just not a cold meal person but hey, I put my salads and icecream in the microwave so feel free to ignore me.

Welll.  The sloppy joe tasted awesome.  The mushroom mince was great and the bun, although a bit too cold compared to the mince, was good and thick and chewy.  The chips were just right too although I’m not a fussy chip person these days.  I was absolutely stuffed.

A word of caution: ask for extra paper napkins.  It’s called sloppy for a reason.  The sauce was running down my hands and one napkin wasn’t enough.  Hell, take a packet of baby wipes or something!  Or maybe it’s just because I’m a sloppy eater.

Despite the delay in getting my order (on a day when I was already frazzled and in a sooky mood I admit) and the temperature of the meal, I’d definitely return.  Las Vegan have some great food and I look forward to trying other items.  When I left, I realised I was charged less than what the menu stated.  Perhaps this was because of the delay?  I don’t know, but I’m definitely going back!

Here are some pics of the drive back home:



Las Vegan Cafe is located at 22 Smith Street in Collingwood.