Pasties and donuts at La Panella in Preston

La Panella Bakery is well known to many Melbourne vegans.  La Panella have been making vegan and vegetarian pastries and goodies since 1996.


I’ve been there a few times and to be honest, nothing has blown my mind.  I do like the vegan pasties and the curry pie was okay but well, they’re only a couple of bucks each and when you pay that for a pie you shouldn’t really expect anything amazing.  People have raved about the ‘vegan croissants’, which to me are simply a sweet bread in the shape of a croissant and nothing like a croissant at all.  I also tried some kind of tart once, I can’t remember if it was lemon or vegan custard tart and I only managed to eat half as it was just bland and the filling on the runny side.



I walked past there yesterday on my way to the Preston Market and I took some snaps.  I bought a pastie with sauce for $2.20 and ate it on the walk to the market:


Then I stuffed my face on the totally vegan hot jam donuts from the donut van at the market ($4.50 for 6 donuts.  I had two then took them to the car for the family…):



I know La Panella is a favourite for so many vegans but unfortunately I can’t share in their enthusiasm.  Still, I’d be happy to get a pastie the next time I’m nearby and I do think it is worth a visit as you may find something you like  🙂

La Panella Bakery is located at 465 High Street in Preston and is around the corner from the Preston Market.