Loving Hut, Richmond and a slightly infuriating Ikea trip

Ah, Loving Hut!  I love being able to eat out somewhere and know that everything on the menu is vegan!

A newsflash! is in order: Linda from The Lentil Institution reports seeing a new Loving Hut opening in Northcote!!!

Husband and I were in Richmond recently and I wanted to have a meal at Loving Hut.  Previously I’d dropped in to get a dessert to eat in the car but this time I wanted to sit down and not risk slopping trifle all over myself and the car seat (again).

There were so many things I wanted to try but for the entree I settled on the Lucky Rainbow Pockets, and not just because it’s a great name.  These were full of crunchy goodness with a sweet dressing.  I’m determined to start using beancurd pockets now:


Husband ordered the fried spring rolls and said they were good.  Oh okay, they were good.  I had a little taste:


For my main meal I ordered the Royal Rendang which was made with sliced soy fillets and veg.  Rendang is one of my favourite meals and this was one had different flavours than all the other rendang dishes I have ever tried.  The meal was nice however I kept biting in to little chunks of hard stuff, which I assume is bark of some sort.  At least I knew it wasn’t animal gristle! Then there was a really big piece, about the size of a ten cent coin and after that I decided to call it quits as I was quite full by that point anyway:


The big positive was the service.  The lovely lady that served us asked if our food was okay and if there was anything they could improve on.  Now that’s service!  I mentioned the bits of bark and it was taken very well.  I will definitely go back to Loving Hut (many times)  and I look forward to working my way through their menu  🙂

Loving Hut is located at Shop 10/242 Victoria Street, Richmond. http://www.lovinghutmelbourne.com.au/

Now where does one go when they’re on Victoria Street in Richmond?  IKEA!  I have a love-hate relationship with this place.  Love, because, well it’s Ikea.  But yet AGAIN I got lost and went in circles when I backtracked, trying in vain to find the kids section.  That’s what you get for thinking you’re a rebel by defying those direction arrows on the floor.


I had a very quick browse through the food section to see if there were any vegan goodies.  These look vegan but I’d have to confirm it:




If you know anything about vegan goodies at Ikea, please leave a comment!