Halloween presents Veganopoulous, the complete amateur who comes up a winner

I hope my readers that celebrate Halloween had a fabulous one!  Or have a fabulous one, given the timezones and stuff.  Unfortunately Husband and I did not get invited to any Halloween sci fi themed parties this year so I miss out on my dream of the two of us heading out like this:


This is the first year Arthur and DeeW took part in a neighbourhood trick or treating.  That may sound bizarre to my overseas readers, but Halloween is not really considered an Australian ‘thing’.  Sure, some families do it and the supermarkets stock Halloween stuff, but there are plennnty of doors that get knocked on where the residents have no idea what is going on and kids go away empty handed.  Kids that door knock here are often told “sorry, we don’t celebrate Halloween”.

In my neighbourhood (well, the surrounding four streets) a group of parents drop notes in all the letterboxes advising people that kids will be going around on Halloween and if you’d like to participate, leave your porch light on and perhaps have a decoration.  The children will not door knock when a house does not have a light on.  Although I admit to having been a bit uncomfy with it all (the trick or treating/general Halloween stuff considered more of a North American thing here, though I would have no problem participating if we were holidaying overseas), I saw that this year Arthur and DeeW really wanted to dress up and go along with their friends.  And we can’t exactly keep the curtains closed and insist the kids stay away from the windows for another year:


Now as someone who has never participated in Halloween, ever, let me explain my thought processes:

– how many treats do I buy? (I thought I bought waaaay too much and was quite alarmed by it, but I was left with a handful of stuff at the end).

– do I give the treats out or do the kids choose?

– if I give them out, how many does each child get?  If they choose, do I set a limit?

– will anyone take the cheap chocolate coins?

– do I insist the little kids get first dibs on the Tiny Teddies?

– do I buy individually wrapped treats in case some kids are snotty and grubby? (the answer was YESSSSS).

Finding vegan stuff that wouldn’t have cost a fortune was close to impossible so in the end I went for the standard non-vegan treats.  I had considered making caramel popcorn and putting it in mini cardboard Chinese food containers but ran out of time to make a trial batch and then I couldn’t find the smaller containers.  I think I’ll do that next year as I want to give out vegan treats.  Next year I also hope to be more organised.  I might have popcorn in some of the containers and other vegan treats and the kids choose randomly from a table or something.

I usually have some kind of Halloweeny food or decorations in our house, just for us.  This year, as we were joining in the neighbourhood opt-in doorknocking, I made these… let’s face it, pissweak attempts at decorating the front of the house:




I made jelly for our dessert in oranges:


I made some gingerbread folks using a Dreena Burton recipe, unfortunately I kinda forgot about them and took them out four minutes over time.  I wanted to give these to our lovely neighbours so I’ll have to make another batch and blog about it, because this was a really good recipe:


That’s a My Little Pony next to a Super Mario Toad:


My hat wearing readers will be pleased to know I received many compliments on my choice of head wear.  The secret to my success?  An Ikea hand puppet and bobby pins:


DeeW was a witch and Arthur was the Emperor from Star Wars. Witches were a very popular theme.  I saw lots of little ghoulish characters, scary masks, some teenagers who just wore black (that’s not a costume in my books!) but my favourite costume of the night belonged to a girl who looked around 14 who was Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz complete with sparkly red shoes.  Husband took the kids out and said there was a man dressed as Darth Maul (Arthur thought that was way cool) and another guy in a pumpkin suit.

The highlight was when a group of eight kids said mine was the best house EVER (as in, quote, “oh my Gorrrrrrrrrd this is the best house evahhh!”) because apparently I had the best selection of treats and I let them take three things each.  I demanded they all show me a double thumbs up as proof.  Then when they went around the block and I saw them on the other side of the street, they yelled out to me and gave me two thumbs up AGAIN.  I am SO GOOD at doing Halloween.

And that was our Halloween.  The kids declared it one of the best days ever and I’m looking forward to scrubbing their teeth for the next few weeks 😉