Little Tudor Villages, Lord of The Fries and Big Lou’s jam donuts

Last week, we were in East Melbourne and took Arthur and DeeW for their first visit to the Fitzroy Gardens.  I went there often as a child and loved the model Tudor Village and Fairy Tree. I always had the urge to jump the fence and go and touch the houses and as an adult that impulse is still there (I really need to learn parkour so I can jump that waist height fence…)











It was the Queens Birthday public holiday and we figured Lord of the Fries would be open so we went to the Fitzroy outlet at for lunch.  Husband, Arthur and DeeW only ever order the fries plain with a bottle of tomato sauce:


I went for the Original LotF burger and because I was sitting down and not eating on the run like I usually do when I grab a LotF burger, I didn’t make a mess:


If you haven’t been to LotF before, they are meat-free.  If you’re vegan be sure to ask for a vegan burger so you get the vegan cheese.  They also have fries with lots of sauces, but again be sure to check which are vegan.  I’ve never had a hot dog from LotF.  Maybe next time because it was only after I ordered that I saw a big poster advertising their Coney hot dog: a sausage topped with con carne, mushrooms and onions. Yes, there will be a next time and soon I hope, before this Coney hot dog special is over:


Big Lou’s Donuts at 318 Brunswick Street has been mentioned in vegan circles as they advertise vegan donuts:


I thought this meant that all their donuts were vegan (custard Berliner!!!) but alas, only the made-to-order hot jam donuts are vegan.  That’s okay, because those are my favourite donuts. The donuts were really good, they don’t have that hot-jam-donut-from-a-donut-van taste and appearance but I think the donuts from the van at Preston Market still hold the number one spot for me.  Big Lou’s come second:




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The past week has been pretty busy with one day rushing in to the next.  I’ll leave you with some photos of the Coburg Carnivale community event which was held yesterday.  I didn’t know it was on and only happened to see it because I had to stop off for some groceries!






Lunch at The Vegie Bar in Fitzroy

The Vegie Bar seems to be one of those places that everyone I know, veggo or not, has visited at some point.  I’m a latecomer to this party (again) so when my sister said she had a day off and would take me out to lunch and to choose a place, Vegie Bar was that place.

I’ve been in to the Vegie Bar on a busy weekend at dinner time to pick up a dessert but hadn’t eaten in there. It has always been very crowded with quite a wait, so I haven’t bothered. This time however, just before lunch, it was just right. I looooved these retro green swivel chairs:


My sister and I chose an entree each, though we always share what we order therefore we never order the same thing (we call this The System, which my husband completely dishonours, saying that if you want to try something just order that meal.  NO, Husband.  No.  If you follow The System, you get to try MORE things.  Especially good when you can’t decide between two dishes. It’s not double dipping or picking off plates, because you take your portion from the other person’s meal before putting saliva on your eating utensils).  My sister chose the gyoza dumplings.  These were okay, a bit light on the filling though:


I chose the roti channai which was a potato lentil dhal with roti.  This was okay but the green on the side was just undressed salad leaves (and some were manky and slimy):


For the main, my sister chose the Mee Goreng (tossed with tofu, veggies and potato).  We both hadn’t had a satay sauce kind of dish in a long time so this was a clear first pick.  The meal tasted pretty good, but we felt there could have been more tofu:


I ordered the Sindhi curry with butter beans (and other veg) that was up on the specials board. We both agreed it was okay but probably wouldn’t order it again:


My sister got the Immunity juice, made with carrot, ginger, apple and orange. We loved this as it was really heavy on the ginger.  Perfect!

Service was friendly and quick and although I braced myself for our meals taking a while, they came out fairly quickly. I do see why Vegie Bar is considered a favourite among many, but I felt that because the juice was the best thing we ordered, I wouldn’t rush back.  I would go again one day, as there were lots of other meals on the menu that sounded pretty good.


The Vegie Bar is located at 380 Brunswick Street in Fitzroy.

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Trippy Taco: The Return

Since my recent visit to Trippy Taco, I’ve been looking for an excuse to go back. The other day we made a spur of the moment decision to go out to eat so I chose Trippy Taco, knowing Arthur and DeeW would at least eat the fries and Husband would probably go for the vegetarian nachos.


I was a bit wrong on most counts. Husband ended up getting fries and DeeW didn’t like the seasoning so she had nothing. While we wait for our food when we eat out, we break out the cards:


I liked the fries, they were nice and crunchy and the smoky seasoning was good:


I got the mixed taco meal, which was one tofu asada taco and a black bean taco.  Delicious, but really messy to eat (though that’s probably just me, I’m not elegant in that arena):


For dessert I had to get the sweet corn tamale again, though I don’t know what happened to the puddle of maple syrup I had last time.  It didn’t seem to make an appearance today.  DeeW ate most of the ice cream:


I got the vegan nutella melt (which didn’t taste of hazelnuts, just a chocolate spread) as well, thinking Husband would go for this (which he didn’t), so Arthur and I shared it.  Using our hands, we found it hard not to make a huge mess.  I’m embarrassed about the amount of paper napkins we used to clean our faces and hands:


I’ll be going back and Arthur says he’d go back for the fries and the vegan chocolate melt.  That’s my boy, super fussy about main meals but has no problem with dessert!  Hnnnngggghhhhhh.

Trippy Taco is located at 234 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.


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Dinner at Trippy Taco, Fitzroy

I finally, FINALLY got to go to Trippy Taco.  I still can’t believe I’ve never been there.  Now that I have been, I’m really going to make up for lost time!

I had been doing stuff in Fitzroy and planned to go straight home when I realised I was right across the road from Trippy Taco. Awesome or what?! I was there well before dinner time and there were only two other customers.  Perfect!


I took my time reading the menu but eventually settled for the tacquitos. The description was ‘three crispy, rolled up corn tortillas with black bean filling topped with guacamole, (vegan) cheese, salad and lime’.  The salad was kind of basic to be honest but remember, Veganopoulous will probably never be convinced that iceberg lettuce belongs in a restaurant.  After I polished off the tacquitos, which were very tasty (I wish I had more), I mixed the salad up with the the remaining saucy bits and guacamole:


Dessert! Remember, making up for lost time here folks. I got the ‘sweet corn tamale with icecream, bananas and maple syrup’. This was like a soft, moist, sweet cornbread.  The ice cream was basic– using something like Zebra Dream would really make a difference (to the price as well probably!)– but the tamale itself was really good.  Bananas and maple syrup are just that, but I thought they were perfect with this.  Whenever I’ve made cornbread it has been dry and blergh.  I really liked this dessert and would definitely get it again.  In fact, I’m going on a mission to try and replicate it at home.  Too bad I don’t have a Star Trek replicator:


The toilet is located outside Trippy Taco, up the little lane and at the back of the restaurant.

Trippy Taco is located at 234 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

I’ve been forgetting (or not bothering) to take my camera out and about lately so here are some snaps from my phone.  The colours in Melbourne at this time of year are beautiful.  Enjoy!





The Cruelty Free Shop in Melbourne

Melbourne is such a rocking city for vegans. It’s awesome full stop but vegans have a great number of options, which appear to be increasing all the time.

Today I was most chuffed to pay a visit to the Melbourne branch of The Cruelty Free Shop. It opened three weeks ago and I’ve been hanging out to visit. There’s a lot of awesome in there. I chatted a bit wtith Paul from the store and he kindly said I could take some snaps. There was Botanical Cuisine, Vegusto, CoYo, Cheezly, Redwood Cheatin’, Tofurky, Pana Chocolate and more in the cold section. As well as food, the store stocks footwear, bags, wallets, books, goodies for your fur babies and personal care items.








I needed a new wallet and gladly walked out with this Matt & Nat number:


Congrats to all involved on such an awesome shop!

Melbourne’s Cruelty Free Shop is located at 385 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. It’s right near Lord of the Fries which means near other super vegany-option places.