Vegan MoFo 2013: Day 4


MoFo is great but I’m already finding myself overwhelmed at the amount of amazing look stuff out there that I want to make.  I followed MoFo last year and yet again I am bookmarking a tonne of recipes, though last year I forgot about most of them and deleted a stack when I cleaned up my bookmarks months later.  I really don’t want to repeat that this year but we’re four days in and I’ve been drooling for most of that time (and bookmarking like mad).

Today included a breakfast smoothie again.  I was supposed to make a raw porridge but forgot and when I read the recipe I had to soak me some nuts beforehand.  I was too hungry for that half hour soak so it was smoothie time.  Soaking nuts gets in the way of my breakfast and I haaate waiting to eat.  Anyway, I used bananas, date, hemp protein, home made almond milk and a pinch each of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves (I couldn’t find the cardamom).  It tasted mostly of bananas because I didn’t put enough of the spices.  Oh well, live, drink, and learn.  It was still a good breakfast:


I made these gluten free crackers from Oh She Glows after reading about them on Made of Stars.  They’re very simple and changing the flavours is a cinch, I left out the rosemary and halved the thyme in case they were too strong for the kids.  The ingredients in my batch are almond meal, brown rice flour, sesame seeds, nooch, salt, thyme, garlic powder (also halved), a teaspoon of olive oil and water.  DeeW loves crackers, unfortunately the ones she loves are the supermarket variety and I really want to get her on to healthy home made versions.  More bummer was that the kids didn’t like these and only afterwards did I remember they don’t like the taste of sesame:


Lunch was the leftover Pumpkin Chickpea and Cauliflower Curry with Fresh Cream Sauce (my version) from ‘Let Them Eat Vegan’, again served on top of red quinoa and dinner was a simple vegetable soup my sister had made:


Today’s chuck-it-all-in-a-bowl recipe was for some tahini balls.  I didn’t follow a recipe, I just grabbed stuff that I thought would work.  This involved finely chopping brazil nuts and pecans in the food processor then adding Medjool dates (and chopping), then things like chia seed, pumpkin seed, ground flax, coconut, cacao nibs and the tahini.  They weren’t really sticking together enough so I added a little maple syrup.  The tahini flavour is strong, which I love and the trick is not to eat them all in one go:


So again, not very exciting MoFo-wise and I’m still a little sick and honestly feel a little blah about having to think.  At least I’m eating better now than I have been in the past few months 😉

Vegan MoFo 2013: Day 3’s smoothie and finally, MoFo themed meals


Another smoothie for breakfast today, this time an old favourite made with brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, hemp protein, frozen banana, a date and some cacao nibs (and water):

brazilnutetcsmoothieLunch was a salad wrap.  I visited my mum a couple of days ago and she’d chopped up some ingredients to make a coleslaw (cabbage, celery, red capsicum, parsley, dill) and I took a small container home with me.  For the wrap bit, I used lettuce leaves.  The non-raw element is the eggplant dip I also scored from my mum’s house, she and my sister had roasted some eggplant and made a delicious garlicky dip so I plopped that on to give the whole thing some flavour (and I had to use up the dip, nobody else in my house eats it):


Fortunately my appetite is returning  because I decided to also have a vegan stuffed capsicum that my mum prepared.  In Greek we call this dish “yemista” and they’re traditionally made with a combination of mince meat and rice but during Lent, many people make vegan versions.  My mum’s version is delicious and hopefully I can blog the recipe one day:


Before leaving for Sydney last week, I made some meals to freeze so that I wouldn’t have to run around wondering what to cook for MoFo the day after returning home.  I made the Pumpkin Chickpea Cauliflower Curry from Dreena Burton’s ‘Let Them Eat Vegan!’, using the oil free option (which is just omitting the oil when you fry stuff and use a splash of water instead).  Dreena recommends serving this with her Fresh Cream Sauce, made with raw cashews but I discovered I was all out of raw cashews and tried macadamias instead.  I added more lemon juice to the macadamia cream than the recipe called for, so mine was more a Fresh Macadamia Lemony Cream Sauce.  Still, it was fine spooned on top of the stew (though I think the cashew version would be much nicer) which I served with some red quinoa I’d cooked and frozen a long, long time ago (as in, I was surprised to find it in the freezer and decided I better use it):


Dreena’s recipe calls for a can of pumpkin puree but I just cooked and pureed some butternut pumpkin I had in the fridge.  It made about half a can’s worth, so with the full amount it would have turned out better.  Still, it was loaded with veggies and chickpeas, was oil free and gluten free so I kept with my MoFo theme there when it comes to cooking my own meals  😉

Annapurna Indian Restaurant, Salamanca

Husband and I have just returned from a short trip to Hobart (more on that soon).  Before we left home, I made sure to get a list of vegan places to eat and as luck would have it, Annapurna came up in my searches.  Lucky, because we were staying right around the corner!

The friendly waitress told me that there were quite a few vegan options so for my entree I went with the vegetable pakora to share with Husband (I only had my phone to take photos):


Oh my goodness, these were amazing.  I could eat these all day and WHY OH WHY do I not know how to make them properly???  The best bit was Husband chose not to have any so I had one then took the other two back to the hotel later, where they made for a nice snack the following day.

For my main I went for the Aloo Baigan, which was marinated eggplant cooked with potatoes and tomatoes with some rice and a vegan garlic roti:


The eggplant was amazing and the potato seemed like it was precooked (in a good way) as it was just so full of flavour.  This dish rates as one of the best meals I’ve had in a restaurant.  I loved every bite, though I could only manage to finish half of everything.  The leftovers were the following night’s dinner and let me tell you I was itching to get back to the hotel to finish it all off!

Annapurna is quite spacious and a few families arrived shortly after us and high chairs were brought out.  The staff were very friendly and efficient and our meals arrived quickly.  If I ever visit Hobart again I’m heading straight for Annapurna!  I’m still thinking of my meal and how good it was!


Annapurna Indian Restaurant in Salamanca, Hobart is located at 93 Salamanca Place (right where the Salamanca Market is held).  There is also a restaurant in Elizabeth Street, North Hobart and one in Brisbane.

Lunch at Fina Vietnamese Vegetarian Cafe, Richmond

Husband and I were passing through Richmond and I loaded up the Happy Cow app, as you do, because my stomach was growling.  And while we were waiting in traffic and for the app to load, I spotted a sign saying Fina Vegetarian Vietnamese food.  I hadn’t tried Fina so I was very pleased to just get Husband to pull over in to a convenient parking space right outside Fina!

I looooove Vietnamese food but haven’t been to a Vietnamese cafe since my pre-vegan days.  I asked the friendly dude there if they had vegan options and he said pretty much everything in the menu book is vegan.  Win!

The menu book contains pictures of the dishes they offer.  Husband wasn’t hungry so he went off to be a geek somewhere while I stuffed my face with this amazing curry for $10.50 (and it was a big bowl, though I could easily have gone for another serving of rice):


This was one of the nicest curries I’ve had and I would love to learn how to replicate it.  I ate the leftovers in the bowl like soup.

Fina have a big lot of cakes and desserts in their counter display but none are vegan.  Still, I’d happily return for more of this delicious curry.


Fina has been visited by Where’s The Beef here and here .

Fina Vegetarian Vietnamese Cafe is located at 268 Victoria Street, Richmond. 

Lentil Stew with Cauliflower from Vegan Richa

The other day I saw this fab looking recipe for Red Lentil Stew with Cauliflower over at Vegan Richa. I had all those ingredients and so I made it today.  I love me some lentilly stewy thing and I needed an excuse to get out the pressure cooker, which hasn’t been used in too long.

Okay, so I followed the recipe to the letter.  Except I left it all in the pressure cooker for longer than the recipe stated so I could be ‘sure’ it all cooked.  Big mistake, cos it sort of went to mush.  Still tasted really good though with my brown lentils.  This is something I’ll definitely make again, with the proper time limit in mind!

No photo sorry, I forgot (because I was hungry)…