A short blogging break: it’s decluttering time

Hi everyone, I’m going to be changing the blog up a bit (like cleaning out the gajillion pointless categories and decluttering the tags for starters) and a few other things.  All this requires a bit of a break while I move things around and make everything sparkly clean and makeovery.  Plus I need to find more time to go op shopping 😉

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See you when I get back!

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Veganopoulous is expecting you!


Veganopoulous on Twitter

I’ve done what I always swore I wouldn’t do… I’ve signed up to Twitter. I tend to shy away from social networking types of things because my usage of them can quickly escalate, meaning I am distracted from Real Life stuff. But I’ve received quite a few messages asking if I’m on Twitter so I decided to give it a go. I’ll be using it pretty much mainly as a tie-in with the blog, taking pictures around my beautiful home town and the occasional display of really bad humour.


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Some wee changes to the blog

Hi folks, I’ve been cleaning the blog a little lately.  My tags were a bit of a mess, so I’ve gone through all my posts and allocated them to more sense-making tags and categories. It’s still not ideal but I’m messing around with some ideas and, time permitting, I might be jazzing things up a bit more soon.

First up, you may have noticed a new page up there called Eateries.  On this page, I have listed by suburb all the dining places I’ve blogged about.  Clicking on the suburb’s name will take you to all blog posts tagged with [suburb name].  Clicking on an individual eatery name will take you to all blog posts for that eatery.  Eatery seems a weird word to me, but there you go.  I can’t say restaurant, because not everything is a restaurant. I’d also have to say cafe, standing service only, truck, etc!  So ‘eatery’ seemed the easier fit!