Meal Planning Week 4: The Hideous Food Photography version

I was incredibly lazy last week when it came to food.  I didn’t plan a full menu again which of course meant our meals were nowhere near as vegietastic as I’d hoped!

One smoothie I like is made with banana, plant milk, oats, cinnamon and hemp protein.  This fills me up for a while.  I call it my ‘porridge smoothie’:

oat porridge banana smoothie

I made the Cauli-power Alfredo pasta sauce from Oh She Glows.  It was quite tasty, though I should have added more plant milk as it was far too thick (I didn’t follow the recipe thoroughly).  Or perhaps I could have added some vegetable stock.  Anyway, I was thinking that if it was really thick, perhaps it could serve as a kind of bechamel layer on a baked pasta or moussaka.  I’ll have to try that one day:

caulipower alfredo

I found a packet of vegan rendang in the back of the pantry and cooked it up with some peas and coconut rice:

vegan rendang

I made some filo parcels with a filling of chickpeas, walnuts and cooked brown rice.  The kids weren’t crazy about them but the next day Arthur asked for leftovers so I’d say they ended up being a winner for one child at least!

chickpea  walnut rice filo parcels

Quite a bit of fruit:

fruit salad

Husband had gone out to a shopping centre and called to ask if I wanted anything from the food court.  It was a hot day, I wasn’t in the mood to cook so I requested some Indian food.  The Indian food outlets at shopping centres often have a few vegan dishes.  My photo does not do it justice.  My photo does not do the plastic bag justice:

indian takeaway

Arthur and I baked the Sweet Potato Blondies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.  As always, I significantly reduce the amount of sugar used:

sweet potato blondies

Sunday was Australia Day.  Originally I had plans to take the family out to some of the free events going on, like the Government House Open Day.  But we had a late change of plans, a really late night and when Husband and I woke up we were way too tired.  We did stop at Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop on the way to visit my parents:

Mister Nice Guy's Bake Shop music

Mister Nice Guy’s made awesome Australia Day themed cupcakes (here are last year’s).  I got the Golden Gaytime, which the Bake Shop described as a “vanilla toffee swirl cake with caramel frosting, topped with chocolate and caramel ganache and sprinkled with honeycomb”.  Golden Gaytime is an icecream that has been around since I was a little girl and it was probably my favourite icecream-on-a-stick before I went vegan. So if something is ‘Golden Gaytime inspired’ I am THERE.  We also got the ANZAC biscuit inspired cupcake and a donut. Arthur got his usual cinnamon bun:

Mr Nice Guy's Bake Shop selection

To finish off the week, Husband and I went out to dinner at Magic Mint Cafe in Moonee Ponds.  I got my usual veggie pakora for entree and the mixed vegetable curry for my main.  YUMZ:

Magic Mint Cafe veg curry

It’s Wednesday here and I haven’t used a meal plan this week either! The weather has been urgh-hot again, though today is lovely so I might get some baking done, or meals that can last a few days.

Fingers crossed I’ll get back to meal planning for next week…

Random what-I’ve-been-eating-this-week

It’s been a bit of a mehhh week for food preperation.  See what happens when I don’t have a meal plan?  There were just so many leftovers that lasted a couple of days each that I figured a meal plan wasn’t worth the trouble.

This is one of those can’t-be-bothered meals.  You know, where you grab whatever manky veggies are in the fridge, the packet of soba noodles you forgot about and the vegan Chinese barbecue sauce and that’s it.  And decide to be healthy by adding in tempeh.  I’m still not a lover of tempeh:


I made up a pasta sauce from more manky vegies and things that were past their best before date.  So this is a mix of garlic, onion and diced eggplant sauteed in olive oil, followed by chopped bottled red peppers and tapenade and hey while we’re at it let’s chuck in the last of the kale.  I prefer more of the sauce than the pasta.  I gave up pasta last year and when I ate this I was all “I really don’t like pasta anymore”.  Much prefer raw zucchini noodles:


Mum made her Greek lentil dish which is called “faki”.  Yes, it’s really pronounced “fuck-i” with the emphasis on the second syllable. When I was in school I never knew the English word for lentils and the teacher asked us in turn what we had for dinner the previous night.  I ended up in detention for a week:


Some of mum’s pilafi rice with that pasta sauce:


My favourite breakfast smoothie is made with a little water, frozen banana, almonds, cacao nibs, coconut oil and a date.  I really like the plaster on the wall there, dating back to the 30s.  We’ll probably have to remove it all at some point as pesky little earthquakes and tremors have opened up big cracks in all the corners.  Hopefully I can find a plasterer who does this sort of texturey thing:


Another smoothie, this time with baby spinach, orange, pumpkin seeds and a bit of chlorella:


Another batch of sausage rolls to eat over a few days.  I now add in about a heaped cup of raw cauliflower that has been finely chopped in the food processor and omit the breadcrumbs, purely so I can sneak more veg in to my children:


Saving the best til last.  Australia Day themed cupcakes from Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop and banoffee cheezecake: