Weeks That Were And Food That Was

Here are a bunch of photos of general random stuff.  Including food photos that I forgot all about.  So this post is kind of a “what was eaten over the past month or so plus extra stuffs”.

First up is my latest addition to my kitchen family: a new rice cooker.  My old one had all the bits inside the metal pot flaking off.  And it had a glass lid which was really annoying because the foamy steamy bits would bubble out of the cooker and make a mess.  I loooove my new rice cooker:


I bought the rice cooker from Myer because I had a gift card.  Here are the Myer displays in the city store:




Our house was built in 1930.  The kitchen has an alcove area for cooking which looks cute but it is really quite rubbish.  And it leaks too.  We had some torrential rain here recently.  See?


Water dripping through the ceiling.  We’re hoping to have our kitchen renovation done this year.  I’m hoping the ceiling will last that long.  Our walls are actually a nice mauve colour, the photo makes them look a bit blergh:


Do you forget to take your daily vitamins and B12 during the week?  Me too.  These two brands are vegan and I purchased them from iherb.com:


DeeW loves these mosaic things.  They keep her occupied.  Me?  I don’t know if I can handle any more pink and purple unicorns:


A closeup of the wall that always looks like dirt in my photos, but it’s actually burnt.  Thanks to me switching our portable grill on but forgetting to move it away from the wall.  The smell of burning paint alerted me ten minutes later:


My friend J and I had met up in North Melbourne and went to an op shop nearby.  I had to take a photo of this shelf labelling…


We saw this gorgeous old phone in an antiques store, where we drooled over the breakfast sets that sadly cost $500 each:


I went to Savers and found this awesome old fabric collage.  I never look at the frames area in Savers because I don’t need any but I noticed a woman holding this frame and peering closely at it.  As soon as she put it back and walked off I went to take a look.  And my immediate reaction was YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE SISTAH! And I bought it.  It was tagged at $49.99 but I had a 20% discount.  I adore this and would have happily paid more.  It makes me happy because it contains a fabric I had when I was little (the pink paisley) and I still have the pillowcase.  The trim bits remind me of the clothes my grandmother used to make from scraps for my dolls. I bought this for DeeW but well, it’s kinda mine now:







My friend T and I went to lunch at Cafe Sarabella:


Wishing Chips!  You may remember these from your school days if you’re my age (old).  If you got a wishing chip in your packet, it was SOMETHING MAJOR.  Now I get bunches of wishing chips in a packet.  It’s not the same anymore  😦


I made orange sesame baked tofu from a Dreena Burton recipe:

Oat and cranberry biscuits with some coconut and hemp seed thrown in:


80s hair Barbie photobomb of hazelnut banana smoothie:


I made some biscuits with cranberry, millet flour and corn flour.  Those flours have a weird aftertaste which I can handle, but the kids thought was yuck.  In a bizarre turn of events, Husband really liked them:


I went to a family function and made this delicious coconut cake from one of Dreena Burton’s cookbooks:


Mum made a batch of kritharaki:


My friend J and I ate lunch on Errol Street in North Melbourne.  I had this vegan burger with salad.  The burger pattie was nice but the salad had iceberg lettuce and well, I kinda think iceberg lettuce should remain in the house.  I’m a lettuce snob, just cos:


I finally got to visit a Crumbs bakery.  All these goodies you see are vegan.  I got a donut with chocolate icing.  It was okay but I probably wouldn’t buy it again:



Mr Banana in vintage pink cardigan:


And that’s about it.  The weather is is quite cold and rainy so this week’s meal plan will hopefully include a lot of stews and curries.  I would say I love cold weather because I get to eat hot curries, but I make those in summer too…