Goss ‘n Shop Op Shop, Sunshine

Today’s op shop: The Goss ‘n Shop Op Shop at Holy Apostles Anglican Church, 100 Anderson Road in Sunshine

Goss 'n Shop Op Shop Sunshine

The Goss ‘n Shop is one of my favourite op shops.  Truthfully, I haven’t found much stuff there for me personally, but it’s such a nice bright little shop with lovely people working there who are always up for a chat. Prices are reasonable and they sometimes have specials on certain categories of items:

Goss 'n Shop Op Shop Sunshine

Last year, I picked up a nice 1970s secretary dress or two from the rack on the right:

Goss 'n Shop Op Shop Sunshine

The toys area is mostly made up of soft toys, though there are a few games and other toddler toys:

Goss 'n Shop Op Shop Sunshine

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was this gorgeous flash of orange. A second later I had to contain myself.   S C O N E   H O L D E R ! ! !

vintage scone holder

From now on I just KNOW that scones will not taste good unless they are served in my new-old scone holder.  My mum was thrilled when she saw it too, she was “oh my goodness, I have not seen one of these in years and years”.  Thanks Mum but it’s MINE.  Even though you offered to wash and iron it.

How about you?  Ever found a scone holder?


6 thoughts on “Goss ‘n Shop Op Shop, Sunshine

  1. Oh that scone holder is beautiful – I have never even heard of scone holders before – my mum always just wrapped them in a teatowel but this is brilliant – very jealous

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