A short blogging break: it’s decluttering time

Hi everyone, I’m going to be changing the blog up a bit (like cleaning out the gajillion pointless categories and decluttering the tags for starters) and a few other things.  All this requires a bit of a break while I move things around and make everything sparkly clean and makeovery.  Plus I need to find more time to go op shopping 😉

You can catch me on Twitter @Veganopoulous

See you when I get back!

love boat

Veganopoulous is expecting you!



4 thoughts on “A short blogging break: it’s decluttering time

  1. Good luck! And enjoy the op shopping! Cleaning up the blog and adding more stuff to your house? 😉

    I need to clean up the blog and the photos on my computer and my laundry room and my clothes closet and my gift wrapping closet and…. I think I just need to get out of the house so I can’t see all that needs doing… 😉

    • same here! I’ve at least put some really big bulky stuff on eBay (after a five year delay…) and now I have the rest of the house to take care of! I’m hoping the new-look blog will be a bit more swish and organised. So far the move to another host has gone well!

  2. Good luck – I am feeling in need of a blogging break – the school holidays has just done me in but am looking forward to school next week 🙂 My blog is in need of some category tidying up but I would prefer to go op shopping if I had find some free time.

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