Red Cross Op Shop, Moonee Ponds

Today’s op shop: Red Cross Op Shop, 64 Puckle Street Moonee Ponds:

Red Cross op shop Moonee Ponds

Puckle Street in Moonee Ponds always had two op shops and today I discovered that one of them (the Care Bargain Centre) has closed down.  That sucks, because it was a good one. So after lunch, DeeW and I visited the Red Cross Op Shop. This op shop is mostly taken up with clothing, shoes and accessories:

Red Cross op shop Moonee Ponds

I was all oooooh over this lovely 1940s wedding dress (size XS if you want to go check it out) for $90. I didn’t have as much time to stroke it as I would have liked because going to an op shop with children isn’t exactly the brightest idea:

1940s wedding dress Red Cross op shop Moonee Ponds July2014

1940s wedding dress Red Cross op shop Moonee Ponds July2014

1940s wedding dress Red Cross op shop Moonee Ponds July2014


The clothing wasn’t on the cheaper op shop prices side, but things appeared to be carefully selected and labels included Country Road and Trenery, thanks to a recent collaboration with those labels. The Moonee Ponds Red Cross shop is set up more like a boutique, not a cramped dusty oppie. There was no toys/games area so options for kids were pretty much the clothing racks and not much else apart from a few soft toys. There was a small table with some bowls, platters and assorted ceramics:

Red Cross op shop Moonee Ponds

I found these sweet yet gives-me-creepy-vibe postcards and paid $2 for the eight of them:

vintage fairytale cards

I have no idea what it says on the back.  Probably something about being cursed if I don’t pass the cards on to sixty thousand friends:

vintage fairytale cards

I also picked up a $1 VCR tape of the Inspector Gadget movie for the kids. The downside is I’ll have to watch it too.


2 thoughts on “Red Cross Op Shop, Moonee Ponds

  1. I never saw the inspector gadget movie but I watched a lot of the show and strangely enough I heard the end of a conversation about inspector gadget today and was really curious about what was being said about him. I love the look of a well ordered op shop but do get suspicious about the prices

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