In My Kitchen, July 2014

I look forward to Johanna’s ‘In My Kitchen’ posts at Green Gourmet Giraffe.  I often have all these kitchen blog post ideas floating around but they kinda never seem to fit other posts I make (or don’t make, especially lately!). Inspired by Johanna, I thought I could put everything together in an In My Kitchen Post. The In My Kitchen series is hosted by Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

I very much enjoy stickybeaking in to other kitchens though I’m cringing a little at showing my own, because it’s a bit poxy. We are planning a renovation but no idea when it will actually happen. My house was built in 1930. The previous owners updated the cabinetry and put in a small oven-stove combo, but the food prep area is still original shoebox size and incredibly frustrating to work in. Both Husband and I have cracked our heads on the wooden mantle you see in the photo. To give you an idea of how small the kitchen is, two people can’t stand side by side at the sink.  And I took this photo from the doorway (the kitchen table is behind me). If you stretch your leg out from where I’ve taken the photo, you can almost touch the dishwasher.  You can’t see the contents of a pot on the rear stove burners clearly, unless you stick your head in the alcove.  I did this once, some oil suddenly splattered right near my eye causing me jump up and I banged my head hard. The chimney mortar also falls down so the stove gets covered with gravelly bits, so I always have to cook with lids on.

So, in my kitchen I have “charming original features” that I smack my head on often. I have a set of anodised canisters that hold dishwasher tablets, all kinds of tea bags and the ‘random stuff’ canister for things that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.  I found the old coffee jars in my dad’s garage.  The red striped jars come from both my dad’s garage and op shops (thrift stores).  When I see the striped ones I can’t resist buying them. I don’t get natural light in the kitchen so I’m not that concerned about keeping stuff out on the shelves. I also love my pink whistling kettle you see on the stove.  My grandmother always had a whistling kettle when I was growing up.  I think my tea always tastes better when the water comes from a happy little whistling kettle. I like to pause when turning the flame off, because the kettle does this final little high pitched whistle and it reminds me of looking forward to that sound when I was a child in my grandma’s kitchen. DORK:

1930s kitchen

A little rearranging here, so you can see these sweet little sweet packets my sister in law bought from overseas and a little tea tin:
kitchen mantle

In my kitchen my latest addition is a cast iron frying pan (skillet).  I really do love how you can get crispy tofu without needing to use stacks of oil. The thin mental spatula is from an op shop:

cast iron pan

Thanks to Doctor Who, Arthur wanted to try fish fingers and custard.  I bought these fish fingers by Making Waves from the Cruelty Free Shop.  I never liked fish fingers at any time in my life but I thought these did the trick for a fish fingery vegan alternative. Arthur says he prefers them with tomato sauce than custard.  Somehow, I’m not surprised:

Making Waves fish fingers

Also from the Cruelty Free Shop is this delicious caramel slice. There was no label on the packet so I don’t know who makes it but it was really, really good. This is the last bit left, I ate most of it before remembering to take a photo:

caramel slice from Cruelty Free Shop

In my kitchen is the blue cheese variety of Cheezly vegan cheese.  Although I was never much of a cheese lover before I was vegan, I did enjoy a blue cheese pasta now and then.  This Cheezly has the same sharp stinky cheese kind of taste.  I’ll have to look up some non-pasta recipes so I can figure out how to use it.  I usually cut a tube of Cheezly in to thirds and freeze it:

Cheezly blue cheese

I received a packet of Twinings Chai and vanilla scented teabags as a gift.  I love chai and this Twinings flavour is quite nice:

Twinings Chai tea

In my kitchen is my trusty sandwich press.  When it comes to sandwiches toasted in a grill, I have to get the bumpy grill. No flat plates for me, I have to get the grill marks. Now and then I buy a packet of tortillas then stuff them too much and get impatient so I press the lid down and end up with tortilla guts everywhere:

exploding tortilla

In my kitchen is this jar of cashew butter I bought from Terra Madre in Northcote.  I know I can make my own but sometimes it’s just easier to have someone else do it for me:

 Terra Madre cashew butter

In my mum’s kitchen is this tomato kasundi my sister brought. It was pretty good and although I was just using it as a dip, I think it would be really nice mixed through chickpea and lentil dishes:


In my kitchen is (was… I ate it all) this cashew cheese, made following a recipe given to me by Cate from Green Renters.  The recipe calls for miso and apple cider vinegar which I forgot to put in and I had doubled the amount of nutritional (savoury) yeast.  It was fantastic:


I had planned on including a few more food items but realised I’ve already mentioned them on the blog before. And thanks to this post, I’ve realised I really should clean my oven door…


39 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, July 2014

  1. Wow your kitchen is adorable!!! I appreciate that it may not be so practical – we live in an old place too- but it is charming 🙂 the cheese looks so good. I haven’t had much success with making cheese. But the caramel slice wins- is it raw?

    • Thanks! Part of me feels sick at the thought of renovating and getting rid of the tiling but then I think more of the practicality of it all and it’s just not doable with a family of four plus two cats when EVERYONE wants to hang around when I’m cooking! The caramel slice wasn’t raw, I think the base was a bit overcooked on the corners but that made it better for me 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear about all the head banging — ouch! Despite that, you cook up a multitude of yummy dishes in your cozy kitchen, and your ‘tortilla guts’ description was a hoot! I like how your tea cup matches your kettle — a lovely pair.

  3. I’m glad you have come on board with IMK posts 🙂 I too love peaking into what is happening in other kitchens, and yours may be small but it is delightful – I love that shelf, and what you have on it. I’m also missing our Australian dishwasher (came with the house we had there) so am glad you could squeeze one in! Your Cruelty Free shop caramel slices looks deilcious and I tried those ‘fish’ fingers once and had a similar perspective – good as a vegan alternative despite not liking the real thing, and not needing the vegan version too often.

    • Thanks! Our house had the original 1930s flue oven when we moved in. The previous owners left it as it still worked and installed the modern jobbie alongside. The chimney area leaks so the blacktop of the old oven kept getting rusted so we decided to take it out and install a dishwasher. I couldn’t believe how much time I saved in the kitchen when we had it installed so I don’t regret removing the original stove (which is still in my shed).

  4. Yaaay – so pleased you are doing IMK. Your kitchen looks so cute and I love your little overmantle with all the jars and tins. I actually was admiring the reflection from the oven door and surprised when you said it needs a clean – your kitchen looks pretty clean to me. The cheese looks really yummy (can you freeze it like cheezly?) and I laughed at the Dr Who fishfingers and custard. Your tortilla looks delicious – what is in the ‘guts’? It looks like cheese to me. And that caramel slice looks so good.

    • yep the tortilla was cheeze, I think it may have been from Isa Does It for the nacho night bowl. I never clean my oven door, I think my mum comes over and does it after commenting how putrid it looks 😛

  5. Your annodised containers are stunning! I love the colour and sheen to them. Let Arthur know the Doctor only likes fish fingers and custard because he’s an alien, and even then, it’s usually only when he’s regenerating! 🙂 Bless all sandwich presses everywhere, I don’t think we could survive without them! 🙂

  6. Fantastic Kitchen! I have only recently learnt about cashew cheese, after ordering a vegan burger at a fabulous coffee shop I discovered! The cheese was delicious! Your tins are so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! Liz x

  7. Chai tea must be all the rage at the moment. I’ve featured it on my IMK post too. I love the Twinings blend. I own a cast iron skillet too. Couldn’t live without it. Lovely post.

    • Thanks! I’m hoping I don’t screw up my cast iron pan, I love it so much already and have a recipe for crumpets but no idea if they’d stick, even though the recipe says use a cast iron pan 🙂

  8. Welcome to IMK. I have the same cannisters as you but all in one colour (I like your multi coloured set better). Just like you, it’s where I stash tea, rice and others things that don’t have a home. I’m intrigued by your home made cashew cheese and will have to read up on it. The miso and vinegar sound like nice additions but obviously you can make it without! Thnaks for the tasty tour.

  9. LOL, you have inspired me! If you think your have a poxy kitchen, wait till I do an IMK post and you will feel like you are in heaven! Love those cast iron pans, got a set of 3 at a garage sale for $2.00 and they get used all the time. Might have to try that cashew cheese, sounds interesting. Cheers 🙂

  10. What a great first post! I love the peek inside your kitchen and I want one of every single food item you mentioned. I didn’t think they’d ever be something I craved, but the pregnancy hormones must be raging and I desperately want those ‘fish’ fingers now! And the cashew cheese. And the kasundi. Oh stop me please!!

    I love your kitchen (being small myself I adore small things) but I can see that it wouldn’t be practical.

  11. Thanks to Johanna we get to peek into your kitchen. Awesome. I love those colourful cannisters. And the homemade vegan cheese looks good, I am hoping to make some soon.

  12. Cashew butter sounds amazing. I really enjoyed this post. I am new to what’s in your kitchen, so my post is a little late. It is up now if you would like to read it. Take care. Emma.

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