Op Shopping amazingness: 1940s Wood’s Ware ‘Beryl’ dinner set

Today’s op shop: Trinos Op Shop, 150A Cumberland Road Pascoe Vale:

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale

The Trinos Op Shop is one of my favourites. Every few weeks we drive past that area and I try to drop in because they seem to have a pretty high turnover when it comes to their stock. Better still, it’s one of those op shops where the prices are still relatively low enough for you to score a great bargain. Every few months they have a half price off storewide sale and I’ve picked up some great buys, which I’ll blog about soon.

There’s a table of clothing for children where each item is 20 cents. This is pretty hit and miss in my experience as some clothes show heavy signs of wear but I have picked up a few new looking tops:

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale

The crockery and glassware area has a lot of stuff, I’ve bought a few striped old coffee jars in the past:

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale

I loved this tv tray table (with the collapsible legs you can’t see here) but decided against it. If only the design were something different!

retro kids tv tray table

Lots of records and sewing patterns:

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale

Cutlery and kitchen utensils:

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale

Now for the fun part where I get to squeeee about what I bought. I found this cute little layered paper picture in a frame for DeeW’s room. I think I’ll put it in a different frame. I also picked up these bags of ribbon and sewing embellishments for DeeW’s sewing boxes:

paper art frame and sewing froufrou

layered paper art frame

The last thing I need are more drinking mugs but this $1 mug was too sweet to pass up. I also got an Oxo veggie peeler for $1 (usually a minimum of about $8 in stores) and this spoon (because I liked it despite the crack and I have the same one with a pink handle) for 20 cents:

Trinos op shop buys july 2014

I collect vintage/retro tea towels and lately I’ve been on the hunt for anything pineapply. This is in unused condition and cost $3. I’m going to bust it out in the hot weather:

retro pineapple queensland teatowel

And now one of my favourite finds of all time. Forget the drumroll, this calls for a Pharrell Williams and Will.i.am song penned just for me:

Wood's Ware Beryl mint green dinner set

A WOOD’S WARE OF ENGLAND THIRTY PIECE ‘BERYL’ DINNER SET FOR $20. FROM THE 1940s! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Can you believe it?! It’s in great condition and just needs a wash. The woman at the Trinos op shop said someone else came in yesterday and wanted it and said she’d be back in a day or two but they couldn’t guarantee it would be there. I didn’t catch the rest of what she said, I was too busy trying not to pee my pants:

Wood's Ware Beryl mint green dinner set

Wood's Ware Beryl mint green dinner set

When I go op shopping, I go for bargains– it’s all part of the thrill!  The Trinos Op Shop is definitely worth many visits.  Check out their website (linked to at the top of my post) for opening hours.  The items in the window are more expensive than what is in store, but the window is where they showcase the more valuable collectibles.

Trinos Op Shop Pascoe Vale
Some other bargains I’ve grabbed from the Trinos Op Shop have been mentioned on the blog before but here are the pics.  Enjoy! (especially the vintage but most likely unused Mastermind)!

Vintage Mastermind game



8 thoughts on “Op Shopping amazingness: 1940s Wood’s Ware ‘Beryl’ dinner set

  1. E loves op shops esp with lots of vinyl so maybe we will try and visit here some time – I am very very jealous of that dinner set but I am not allowed to buy so much crockery as we have nowhere to put it but it is so gorgeous and green too – that pic of DeeW is lovely too – I tried looking for pics for a girl’s room a while back and it was hard to find anything.

  2. Congrats on all of the great finds – especially the dishes! As a fellow collector (hoarder?) of dishes, I must ask, where are you keeping them?

    • Ah, that’s the problem… right now they’re being stored in boxes in the spare room 😉 The plan is that when we get the kitchen renovated we’ll have a big display cabinet where I’ll be able to see them all and access them easily. I was planning on using this 1940s set for our regular dinnerware but having second thoughts now, I’m too worried about breaking stuff!

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