Some wee changes to the blog

Hi folks, I’ve been cleaning the blog a little lately.  My tags were a bit of a mess, so I’ve gone through all my posts and allocated them to more sense-making tags and categories. It’s still not ideal but I’m messing around with some ideas and, time permitting, I might be jazzing things up a bit more soon.

First up, you may have noticed a new page up there called Eateries.  On this page, I have listed by suburb all the dining places I’ve blogged about.  Clicking on the suburb’s name will take you to all blog posts tagged with [suburb name].  Clicking on an individual eatery name will take you to all blog posts for that eatery.  Eatery seems a weird word to me, but there you go.  I can’t say restaurant, because not everything is a restaurant. I’d also have to say cafe, standing service only, truck, etc!  So ‘eatery’ seemed the easier fit!

4 thoughts on “Some wee changes to the blog

  1. You’re putting me to shame, Veganopoulous. I have a Masters in information architecture, which nobody would ever know if they saw my very messy tags! It’s tricky figuring out tags when you start your blog, because you don’t really know what you’re going to write about (or I didn’t anyway). Then you change them and add to them… and suddenly you (i.e. I) realise you’ve got yourself (i.e. I’ve got myself) in a big mess! I must put aside some time to sort mine out soon too.

    • ha! I figured I better do it all now before I got to over 300 posts! I also have to go and edit photo titles, really tweak the tags more but I have to have hours of uninterrupted time set aside for that! Hope you’re feeling better 😀

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