Little Tudor Villages, Lord of The Fries and Big Lou’s jam donuts

Last week, we were in East Melbourne and took Arthur and DeeW for their first visit to the Fitzroy Gardens.  I went there often as a child and loved the model Tudor Village and Fairy Tree. I always had the urge to jump the fence and go and touch the houses and as an adult that impulse is still there (I really need to learn parkour so I can jump that waist height fence…)











It was the Queens Birthday public holiday and we figured Lord of the Fries would be open so we went to the Fitzroy outlet at for lunch.  Husband, Arthur and DeeW only ever order the fries plain with a bottle of tomato sauce:


I went for the Original LotF burger and because I was sitting down and not eating on the run like I usually do when I grab a LotF burger, I didn’t make a mess:


If you haven’t been to LotF before, they are meat-free.  If you’re vegan be sure to ask for a vegan burger so you get the vegan cheese.  They also have fries with lots of sauces, but again be sure to check which are vegan.  I’ve never had a hot dog from LotF.  Maybe next time because it was only after I ordered that I saw a big poster advertising their Coney hot dog: a sausage topped with con carne, mushrooms and onions. Yes, there will be a next time and soon I hope, before this Coney hot dog special is over:


Big Lou’s Donuts at 318 Brunswick Street has been mentioned in vegan circles as they advertise vegan donuts:


I thought this meant that all their donuts were vegan (custard Berliner!!!) but alas, only the made-to-order hot jam donuts are vegan.  That’s okay, because those are my favourite donuts. The donuts were really good, they don’t have that hot-jam-donut-from-a-donut-van taste and appearance but I think the donuts from the van at Preston Market still hold the number one spot for me.  Big Lou’s come second:




Big Lou's Donuts on Urbanspoon

The past week has been pretty busy with one day rushing in to the next.  I’ll leave you with some photos of the Coburg Carnivale community event which was held yesterday.  I didn’t know it was on and only happened to see it because I had to stop off for some groceries!






5 thoughts on “Little Tudor Villages, Lord of The Fries and Big Lou’s jam donuts

  1. Sounds like you have been having fun times – I have a soft spot for the tudor village and fairy tree – I have an urge to look inside the houses and see what is going on in them – and fries and doughnuts sound like perfect holiday weekend food. Love your pics of the Carnivale – there was also mask making in the library but we only knew because we bumped into a school friend of Sylvia’s – I didn’t see any signs – it was a nice lively afternoon in the mall anyway – our paths do keep crossing and I have signed up to the roast masterclass next weekend so maybe see you there!!!

  2. I love the fairy tree and tudor village too – so magical!

    I had lord of the fries for the third or so time the other day, but I feel like I am constantly trying to find something delicious on the menu. I have so many vegetarian, vegan and omni friends who rave about them, but I always leave feeling a little disappointed. Maybe I go in with too high expectations. I’ve mostly tried the fries, I did have a burger once which was okay – yours in the picture looks a little nicer. I remember mine to have a hungry jacks style squishy bun. And I haven’t really found a sauce I like much either – this last visit was the best yet which was cheese and gravy, but I really didn’t enjoy the vegan special mayo or the satay sauce. I’ll probably keep trying hehe, I must want to like it so much!

    Also, I wish I knew about the Coburg carnivale! That looks like fun – I looooove poking around at market stalls 🙂

    • I think the Coburg Carnivale is also on in September and October, not sure if it will still be at Victoria Mall area though. With LotF I used to love their chips but now I’m mehhh about them. I tried the sweet potato fries as friends were raving about them but mine were awful. The bread buns are definitely squishy, I think this was the first time I didn’t take bites where the patty didn’t get mooshed to the back of the bun! I don’t go for the sauces, I’ve tried a few but find them too sweet so I would just have them plain. I like the poutin cheese-gravy though!

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