Lunch at Lakshmi Vilas in Dandenong

Today we ventured out to Dandenong for a social group outing. It was due to end at noon so I looked up vegan options in Dandenong so the family and I could have some lunch.  I was very pleased to see there was a South Indian vegetarian cafe about a five minute drive from our social event that also have vegan options.  Here it is, Lakshmi Vilas:


There was a small bain marie and I chose rice with the two vegan dishes there, both potato curries.  I was a little disappointed that the dahl contained dairy because I was in a dahl kind of mood. Regardless, these curries were tasty (even though I prefer my curries to be full on flavourful, these were more subdued):



I ordered a vegan veggie pakora, samosa and curry puff for the family to try.  When the food arrived, DeeW said the words many parents dread when out in public: “I need to go to the toilet”. Arthur wasn’t hungry. From what we could see, Lakshmi Vilas did not have a toilet so Husband took the kids across to the magistrates court as we figured there were bound to be toilets there.  This meant I got the samosa, pakora and curry puff to myself, as the fam were going to go off and find a bakery. Score! I was assured the sauce below was vegan:



I only had a little of each because I had ordered two dosas.  One plain, the other with a potato filling which I think was the same potato curry I had.  I only had a bit of the dosas (dosa?) at the cafe because I was full and had planned on taking a lot of stuff home.  The dosa(s) were great, they look so easy to make on YouTube but I just know I will screw them up and end up with something completely blergh if I tried it myself:



This is what I ended up taking home.  Later on I ate the samosa and pakora.  Very tasty:



I didn’t take photos of the dining area because it was full and I don’t think anyone would have appreciated a photo in such close quarters!

For a simple, affordable, tasty lunch I was happy. Service was friendly and when I said I was vegan, the woman there told me what my options were.  The cafe was very busy as it was lunch hour but I didn’t have to wait long at all.  Lots of people were coming in to pick up take away orders.  Although it is unlikely I will visit Dandenong again (I don’t have friends or family around there and it is an hour drive from where I live), I would happily head back to Lakshmi Vilas if I was in that part of town. I’m very much looking forward to eating more leftovers tomorrow.

Lakshmi Vilas is located at 31 Pulteney Street in Dandenong. I didn’t ask if there was a toilet but a glance around told me there didn’t seem to be one for customers.  This is a small cafe which offers more home style cooking than fancier cafe/restaurant fare, but I very much enjoy eating dishes the cooks would make for themselves at home. I paid cash but didn’t ask about other payment options.

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15 thoughts on “Lunch at Lakshmi Vilas in Dandenong

  1. Lakshmi Villas is fabulous! Such a South Indian icon! The kitchen is also run entirely by women, to give migrant women a chance to work… great concept…

  2. Yum! Did they assure you the dosa was vegan? I think on the menu or website or somehting it calls it a “ghee masala dosa” so I assumed it wasn’t OK! If it is I am so headed there.

  3. You are making me hungry – looks like a great little place for lunch but shame about the dahl not being vegan for you – I love dahl – and having the family leave probably gave you a nice relaxing lunch 🙂

  4. Oh! We had a great lunch there once too. Your dosa pictures look so good.

    I’d visit a lot more often if it weren’t all the way out in Dandenong. Sounds like it gets plenty of local love anyway.

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