Trippy Taco: The Return

Since my recent visit to Trippy Taco, I’ve been looking for an excuse to go back. The other day we made a spur of the moment decision to go out to eat so I chose Trippy Taco, knowing Arthur and DeeW would at least eat the fries and Husband would probably go for the vegetarian nachos.


I was a bit wrong on most counts. Husband ended up getting fries and DeeW didn’t like the seasoning so she had nothing. While we wait for our food when we eat out, we break out the cards:


I liked the fries, they were nice and crunchy and the smoky seasoning was good:


I got the mixed taco meal, which was one tofu asada taco and a black bean taco.  Delicious, but really messy to eat (though that’s probably just me, I’m not elegant in that arena):


For dessert I had to get the sweet corn tamale again, though I don’t know what happened to the puddle of maple syrup I had last time.  It didn’t seem to make an appearance today.  DeeW ate most of the ice cream:


I got the vegan nutella melt (which didn’t taste of hazelnuts, just a chocolate spread) as well, thinking Husband would go for this (which he didn’t), so Arthur and I shared it.  Using our hands, we found it hard not to make a huge mess.  I’m embarrassed about the amount of paper napkins we used to clean our faces and hands:


I’ll be going back and Arthur says he’d go back for the fries and the vegan chocolate melt.  That’s my boy, super fussy about main meals but has no problem with dessert!  Hnnnngggghhhhhh.

Trippy Taco is located at 234 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.


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6 thoughts on “Trippy Taco: The Return

  1. tacos are always messy (well I saw a nun at my college once eat them cleanly with a knife and fork but that has never been my way) glad to hear at least arthur was won over and Dee W enjoyed the ice cream – surely that is reason enough to take the kids back 🙂

  2. Well at least if they won’t eat it, it’s cheaper to take the family out for dinner! I love the cards at the table. Games and food are a great combination. My cousin (who lives in WA) is starting Soup & Scrabble Sundays with her friends. It’s such a great idea, I think I’m going to have to try it over here.

    • Cards are really good in terms of keeping the kids occupied and not embarrassing us with loud “where are my moneybags!” naggy questions. Much prefer we play a card game than seeing them on their electronic devices (though I believe those have their place too!)

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