Double-downnn at The Cornish Arms

My buddy T was back in town this past weekend after a few months away, so she booked a table at The Cornish Arms.  I used this as an opportunity to finally get my maw around the Vegan Double Down.  That’s right folks, two southern-fried style slabs of seitan with vegan cheese, facon bacon and the salady bits.  This, plus a big serving of wedges and a decent blob of coleslaw made for an incredibly filling meal.  In case you can’t tell from the photos:


Let’s take a closer look at my pig out:


Although it tasted good and the crumb was yum, I find it pretty hard to eat so much seitan in one sitting. Please don’t let that deter you, it really is one of the best meals on the vegan menu. I find it hard to finish a big serving of green beans or okra, even if they’re in a fantastic curry.  Anyway, I couldn’t finish the last chunk of double down.  I did swap some of my wedges for a slice of the vegan Hawaiian pizza T’s daughter ordered.  I rarely order vegan pizzas unless I’ve heard rave reviews but this was pretty good and I would order it myself:


So I was sitting there all “oh man I’m so stuffed I can’t possibly finish this piece of double down”.  Which of course, in Veganopoulous-speak, means “I will still order dessert”.  T and I ordered the sticky date pudding each, but we were told they only had one left.  So we decided to split it.  I’d definitely order this again:


The kids in our group all went for the vegan cookies n cream cheesecake.  Judging by how fast they all ate it, I’d say it met with their approval:

That’s phone-camera-with-low-lighting photos and an aggressive looking fork for you.

This is my third visit to The Cornish Arms and although the noise level is uncomfortable for Husband and I (and our group found it too loud and we moved outside as soon as we had the chance), I’d still go back.  Our food came out surprisingly fast.  At far less busy times on a week night, my meals have taken much longer to arrive.  For a full house on Saturday night, having the food come out so fast was great.

The vegan menu at the Cornish shows a lot of thought and I very much appreciate that vegans now have a choice of three desserts.  The previous times I visited, there were only two options.

Where’s The Beef? blogged about the double down, so have Easy As Vegan Pie and Ballroom Blintz.

Since my visit, I can’t get this song out of my head, though I change the title and chorus to “double down”.  I think people who like the double down secretly imagine themselves busting out these Al Jarreau moves in the middle of the Cornish Arms.  Crotch-fanning photographer’s assistant optional. I know I was probably making the same faces you see at the start of the video when my double down arrived.  It was like “Where’s me double down… oooh here it comes… ZOMG CHECK IT OUT IT’S WIZAAAAARD!”.

The Cornish Arms is located at 163 Sydney Road in Brunswick.  Check out the awesome vegan menu! You can read about my previous visits here and here.

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4 thoughts on “Double-downnn at The Cornish Arms

  1. sounds like a great night – I have passed by during the day and scanned the menu in hope of going there some time but I can’t see it happening too soon – I think the pizza would be more my thing than the double down as the seitan is too much of a hunk of protein for me

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