Bust the Budget March and dinner at Chocolate Buddha in Federation Square

Husband and I, along with thousands of others, attended the Bust the Budget march to show our opposition to the federal government’s proposed budget. These marches are being held around the country.  I can’t begin to describe how awful this proposed budget is and how seriously it will hurt people who are already struggling. In a nutshell, it is cruel+unfair+discriminatory+harmful. We met up with some friends and marched together.  Our friends today, and others, will be so negatively affected by this budget.  They will struggle to pay rent and put food on the table because they’re doing it tough now as it is and this budget will make things worse.  It’s that simple.

The weather was perfect:


The march started at the State Library and ended up at Federation Square:




After saying goodbye to our friends, we decided to try out Chocolate Buddha at Fed Square.  I’ve heard some vegans recommend it as a place to take both omnis and veg*ns.  The menu had the vegetarian options marked but I asked quite a few questions.  Service was great and very helpful, though I was disappointed to learn that the curry had a little cream in it.  In the end I went for the ‘Tofu Ankake Don: silken tofu simmered with bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, carrot & ginger with shredded nori over Japanese rice’.  I enjoyed my meal and wish I could make this at home, though I probably wouldn’t return for it unless I was the only vegan in a group of people wanting to eat dinner there. Don’t get me wrong, it was good.  But not great enough to get me back there on my own.  Please forgive the awful lighting, I was using my phone to take photos:


Chocolate Buddha is located in Federation Square.  Head in the opposite direction from the outdoor stage area, going slightly uphill. http://chocolatebuddha.com.au/

We sat outside and it was such a beautiful night for this time of the year.  Alas, my photos of Fed Square turned out awful so I’ve cheated here and applied some ‘artistic’ filters to the images!




8 thoughts on “Bust the Budget March and dinner at Chocolate Buddha in Federation Square

  1. We couldn’t make it to the March yesterday – but we were with you guys in spirit (which doesn’t help the numbers, I know). We did march in the March in March (that’s a great sentence!)…and I realised I’ve become a bit of a serial marcher recently…because there are sooooo many things that make me cross! >:–Z

    • I think we’ll become serial marchers too! We got some flyers for more rallies coming up, one will be about Medicare specifically I believe and we’ll be going to that one!

  2. I didn’t hear about it until yesterday but was glad to see it made the headlines – good on you for going – the budget is just awful – I heard someone suggest you might as well stop voting for politicians and instead just use a computer to crunch numbers with no thought as to the implications for people’s lives!

  3. Thank you for marching. I have spent everyday since the budget announcement crying and stressing. I have made myself so sick there was no way I could go march. I am so grateful for those that marched for us. We will be $5000 a year worse off under this budget and I don’t know how we will afford my numerous drs visits or the 7 different medications I am on.

    • It’s horrible 😦 Women and children in abusive relationships will suffer more, especially if their partners are controlling finances so they can’t go to doctors 😦 I feel sick about it, there was an article in my local paper some time ago about families who can’t afford breakfast or lunch for their children so they go to school hungry, the parents can’t find work (or the mum is at home with a baby), there were stories on elderly people who can’t afford to use their heaters in winter so they get sick… so much more horrible stuff. The friends we marched with will really cop it badly too. I just hope something happens where this doesn’t go through!

    • It gets worse here every day as I read something new. People here who are carers, or on disability support, sole parents etc will lose entitlements. It’s just insane, this will seriously affect people I know who already struggle to make ends meet, and make them more isolated because they won’t be able to afford public transport, or even going to see their doctor or to get their medicine 😦

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