Dinner at Trippy Taco, Fitzroy

I finally, FINALLY got to go to Trippy Taco.  I still can’t believe I’ve never been there.  Now that I have been, I’m really going to make up for lost time!

I had been doing stuff in Fitzroy and planned to go straight home when I realised I was right across the road from Trippy Taco. Awesome or what?! I was there well before dinner time and there were only two other customers.  Perfect!


I took my time reading the menu but eventually settled for the tacquitos. The description was ‘three crispy, rolled up corn tortillas with black bean filling topped with guacamole, (vegan) cheese, salad and lime’.  The salad was kind of basic to be honest but remember, Veganopoulous will probably never be convinced that iceberg lettuce belongs in a restaurant.  After I polished off the tacquitos, which were very tasty (I wish I had more), I mixed the salad up with the the remaining saucy bits and guacamole:


Dessert! Remember, making up for lost time here folks. I got the ‘sweet corn tamale with icecream, bananas and maple syrup’. This was like a soft, moist, sweet cornbread.  The ice cream was basic– using something like Zebra Dream would really make a difference (to the price as well probably!)– but the tamale itself was really good.  Bananas and maple syrup are just that, but I thought they were perfect with this.  Whenever I’ve made cornbread it has been dry and blergh.  I really liked this dessert and would definitely get it again.  In fact, I’m going on a mission to try and replicate it at home.  Too bad I don’t have a Star Trek replicator:


The toilet is located outside Trippy Taco, up the little lane and at the back of the restaurant.

Trippy Taco is located at 234 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. http://www.trippytaco.com.au/

I’ve been forgetting (or not bothering) to take my camera out and about lately so here are some snaps from my phone.  The colours in Melbourne at this time of year are beautiful.  Enjoy!





8 thoughts on “Dinner at Trippy Taco, Fitzroy

  1. I’m so glad you finally made it to Trippy Taco – we love it! It’s very rare to see it so quiet – usually we’re lucky to get a seat at all. I often have the taquitos, but I’ve never had a tamale (there or anywhere else). It looks great, and I may just branch out and try that next time, instead of my usual favourite (vegan) nutella tortilla.

  2. I was at Trippy Taco the other day – I had a mad craving for chilli fries! Unfortunately when I went the fries I got were really soggy instead of crispy like they usually are. I do like Trippy Taco, so this might be a bit contentious – but from what I’ve had at the Reverence in Footscray – I think they might be better! I will have to do more research to say for sure though ;). I’m glad you finally got to experience it – and that dessert! Ooh boy!

    • I knew I forgot to try something, the fries!!! I was sitting there thinking “I’m sure there’s a dish here all the bloggers say is really good” and it was the fries! Oh well, my dessert made up for it!

  3. great photos – and yay for trippy taco – now I want to be there – have had the savoury tamales and they were so amazing that I would love to taste the tamale dessert

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