Lunch at Vege2Go in Melbourne

I only recently discovered that Vege2Go have an outlet in the David Jones food hall. I’ve had some Vege2Go before (ha, that links to my tortilla disaster post!) but a few weeks ago a fellow vegan told me about the David Jones outlet.

Today Husband and I took Arthur and DeeW to a kids comedy performance called Mr Snot Bottom and the Curse of the Silly Stinky Zombie Babies.  With a title like that, my kids are THERE. I loved hearing dozens of children in the audience squealing with crazy snorty laughter.

After the show Husband took Arthur and DeeW off to the Pancake Parlour (yay for freebie vouchers!) and of course as there’s nothing for me to eat there I went next door-ish to David Jones to check out Vege2Go.


I haven’t been to the DJs food hall in well over ten years.  Maybe even fifteen.  I used to buy those big bags of mixed biscuits and I saw they still have them but I’m betting nothing is vegan so I didn’t bother getting a closer look!

Vege2Go has vegan meals in packaging that they can heat up for you:


On cold rainy days I’m not someone who is in a soup mood.  I was in a pizza mood today, rain does that to me:

vege2go2The pizza was okay and not bland, though I feel the toppings were on the light side.  I also picked up the Vege2Go blueberry pear breakfast quinoa as it was half price.  That can be tomorrow’s breakfast.

Vege2go cater for vegans, vegetarians, egg-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, sesame-free, nut-free, sugar-free and gluten-free peeps. You can browse their products online at  I love the lemon coconut slice and can’t resist eating it in one go.  I try but lemon-coconut is a flavour combo that completely destroys me.  Fellow lemon-coconut lovers will probably know exactly what I mean!

10 thoughts on “Lunch at Vege2Go in Melbourne

  1. wow this looks good – I go to david jones for the groceries when I feel like something fancy or (more likely) for presents – rarely stop and eat but am thinking I would fancy going there for some present buying soon so maybe should check out veg 2 go (never thought of it as the sort of food DJs would sell but am glad it is there)

    • I was surprised they didn’t have food out in bain marie style setups, but it takes a few minutes for them to heat it all up. I liked the sign on their toaster oven, something ilke “strictly no meat goes in this toaster!”

  2. I had no idea Vege2Go had a spot in the food hall! Must go check it out – that hazelnut tiramisu looks tasty. Have you tried Raw Delicious’s lemon coconut raw cheesecakes? They’re ridiculously good.

  3. The Leo’s near my house stocks some of these products, I’ve never tried them though because they seemed kind of on the expensive side to me. It’s awesome that they have a veg company doing take home meals like that though, and super awesome that they’ve infiltrated the DJs food hall (which I didn’t even know still existed! Shows how long it’s been since I’ve been in there!)

      • I go to Leo’s in Heidelberg and this week I noticed lots of Vege2Go meals there. I picked up one of the eggplant parmagianas – 2 parmas for $14.95! Pricey, but I just had to buy it. The rest of the family don’t like eggplant, so I didn’t have to buy a family’s worth. Then I distracted my husband as the price came up at the checkout. He saw through that strategy and let out a squeal when he saw the price, but I reminded him of how much his cigarettes cost (I always use that to get my way – because he just can’t argue with that!). The parmas look good – but I’ll report on them when I try them.

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