Vegan Black Metal Chef, Isa Chandra M, Terry Hope R and dinner at the Corner Hotel in Richmond!

Plenty of vegans around the country are super pleased right now because we have just been bombarded with vegan chef amazingness.  All in the form of Vegan Black Metal Chef, Terry Hope Romero and Isa Chandra Moskowitz.  In fact, some interstate vegans are super pleased enough that they traveled to Melbourne for tonight’s vegan cooking demonstration and Q&A, held at the Corner Hotel in Richmond.



I rocked up on my own and because I was way early, I decided to get a meal there at the Corner Hotel.  To be honest nothing on their online menu really appealed to me but I grabbed a menu from the bar anyway.  I’m so glad I did (I had been thinking of walking around a bit to find something), because there was this fantastic vegan menu for the night (I think it was just for tonight, that’s what I overheard someone saying).

Straight away, one meal jumped out at me: the roast vegetable soba bowl.  The description to me seemed like they were making Isa’s exact recipe from Isa Does It.  This really appealed to me because I have made it before but mixed up ingredients and it didn’t turn out like I’d hoped.  Purely my fault of course.  Anyway, I figured that if this indeed was Isa’s recipe, then I best try it because it was made by a real live proper chef person.  The other options were a black eyed pea burger with mango salsa and wedges; vegan Southern style fried chicken and a vegan shepherd’s pie.

You guys.  I am SO GLAD I chose this.  The dressing sauce was fantastic and I think… I think I now love the miso-tahini combination.  I neverrrr thought I’d be saying that, not this year at least. Previously, the miso-tahini combination kinda brought on the vommies a little. As soon as I go and buy some cauliflower, I’ll be making this following Isa Does It exactly:



After hanging out taking my time reading newspapers and stuff, I noticed people going up to Isa and Terry to sign their books.  Isa and Terry were a few tables away and I talked myself out of asking them to sign.  Because having social anxiety can really suck.  But I had taken along Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World and Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, hoping to get them signed for DeeW and Arthur respectively seeing as they looove those books.  When I finally did go up, Terry wasn’t there but Isa kindly signed the books for my vegan cupcake lovin’ cookie scoffin’ kids.  My claim to fame for the night is that I was the only person in the audience to have visited Omaha, where Isa now lives and will be opening her restaurant.


Once inside, the stage was set up for Black Metal Chef who was up first.  I feel like such a dork now, because I’m not sure if I correctly remember what everyone cooked!  Black Metal Chef made a spinach potato curry, followed by a dish with udon noodles, seitan, mushrooms and capsicum:


Yes, he really does cut with this:


Please forgive the crappy quality of my photos, by the way.


VBMC signed my guitar pick and took a photo with me.  The photo was for Arthur, he really likes watching VBMC’s videos.  Then Arthur walks around in a deep scary voice saying stuff like “Mummy… cook the tofu… be careful not to burn it…”:


Terry Hope Romero was up next, making a lovely sounding cashew dressing for her to-be-released-soon cookbook called Salad Samurai.  She also cooked up some tofu which smelled amazing.  I had a seat front and centre, best spot in the house:




Isa made her red pepper Mac and Cheese recipe, one I am determined to make very very soon.  She also made some breaded tofu which was torture, because by that time I was getting hungry again and the divine smells weren’t helping:




I had a great night, got that ooooh lovely bass-pumping-out-of-your-chest from the live music, and of course I got to meet Isa and Black Metal Chef (not Terry, waaaah).  I’d say I did pretty well!



Sliiiight skinnying of the arms…

16 thoughts on “Vegan Black Metal Chef, Isa Chandra M, Terry Hope R and dinner at the Corner Hotel in Richmond!

  1. Ooh, thank you for your swift posting! I’ve been dying to hear about it. I think this is the only reason I got my seat at Smith & Daughters last night – 3/4 of the vegans in Melbourne were at the Corner Hotel.

    It looks like a fantastic night. The weird thing about watching chefs on stage is that it feels like a cooking show, but you can smell the food. I know how you felt about getting your books signed. I (being rather socially anxious myself) felt like a total dag lining up to get my book signed by Melanie Joy, when she came to Melbourne last year. It was totally worth it though.

    You look stunning, by the way! 😉

    • ooooh yes the weirdness about getting stuff signed! I have the added element of really disliking the whole celebrity culture thing in the world today, also I figure famous people get bothered all the time by randoms asking for autographs and I don’t want to be annoying like that. I feel like I’m asking them to give me their shoes or something. I hate approaching strangers too which doesn’t help but I could see that Isa was being very friendly to the others asking for book signing, so I figured I’d blend in with them and that she’d be used to it by the time I finished my meal 😛 And the autographs were for my children so that kinda forced me to go along. Even meeting VBMC was an anxious moment but he was very nice too 😀

  2. What a great night! I ummed and ahhed whether to go, but didn’t end up getting a ticket. I wish I did! It looks like you had lots of fun – and delicious food at the Corner. That’s really cool that they did a vegan menu for the night, maybe it will inspire them to keep some of the items. I know they have a couple of vegan items or options on the menu, but of course it’s always great for more!

    • Yep the options were really good and if they could work those in to the regular menu I would be happy to go back. I had actually considered not going and seeing if I could offload my ticket but it didn’t seem possible, I felt like a bit of a dropkick going on my own but hey, these days everyone sits there on their phones doing stuff so I blended right in 🙂

  3. looks like a fun night! Did they hand out the recipes? I was curious to see how it would work as I can never actually see when I go to gigs at the Corner being short!

    • the stage area had about ten tables with say four chairs each (uncomfortable foldy chairs) but everyone else had to stand. Yay for being a geek and getting there super early and being second in line to go in. Yep it was a fun night and nope no recipes handed out but they’re either already on the websites, or in Isa Does It, or in Terry’s salads book that is being released in June I think 🙂

  4. Ha, love your de-identifying mask in the last pic! And that’s so cool that the Corner Hotel put together that special menu for the night – if only they’d work a few of those options into their regular menu.

  5. Sounds like a fun night and your pub grub sounds great – I went to a local pub recently and wished I had eaten the bar food rather than the dining room menu. Love your photos. Would be amazing to see these vegan icons – makes me think I must get out more – though I think I would be shy of asking for signatures

  6. Hey veganopoulos, great write up and your photos are fantastic (waaay better than the ones I took)! I was a loner too but also got there early and managed a seat on a table at the front with a nice couple. I’ve worked out that I was sitting on the front right table from where you were seated – I remember your face from your comment about Omaha! Was a great night, I really enjoyed it!

    I wasn’t going to try and meet Isa, Terry or the Vegan Black Metal chef as I’m extremely shy but as I happened to walk past Isa getting a breath of fresh air afterwards when I was on the way to my car I had to say hello. Of course I buggered up what I wanted to say and walked away feeling like a fool. Oh well…

    • yeah that was me!!! And I asked if there was a secret trick so my dressings and shiz wouldn’t get stuck under the blender blades but it’s a bummer that the answer really is “get a smaller blender”. Looks like I have to go buy a Magic Bullet after all! I totally get the shyness, in my case I end up babbling like a total fool and walk away thinking DOH. But it was a fun night and I didn’t mind being on my own after all 🙂

      • Aaahhh, I thought you had asked a question but couldn’t remember what it was! I run into similar issues with my blender too and have been meaning to investigate another gadget for dressings, etc. Good to know about the Magic Bullet anyway especially as it’s not expensive. Yeah it wasn’t too bad going solo, at least we were in good company 😉

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