St. Patrick’s Day Colcannon Puffs and Dilly Stew with Rosemary Dumplings

Every year I try to incorporate days of celebration in to our family life.  Although we do not celebrate based on religion, it’s still a good opportunity to explain to Arthur and DeeW why people celebrate a certain day or occasion and we learn about different cultures, countries and beliefs.  We watched some short clips about Ireland online and borrowed some library books.

Husband and I visited Ireland back in about 2001.  A relative was staying in Howth so we arranged to meet up, as Husband and I were living in Amsterdam at the time.  Unfortunately we didn’t get much time there and we only had two full days in Dublin so we opted for day long bus tours which took us to Newgrange.  Newgrange was built in about 3200BC so it’s older than Stonehenge and the pyramids.  Amazing stuff and we really enjoyed the tour.  My photos are all stored on backups somewhere but I found this old-camera-that-was-great-at-the-time picture of the view from our bed and breakfast in Howth.  It’s the St. Mary’s Church and graveyard:

St. Marys church howth

Naturally, green food was on the menu for today.  I didn’t make anything sweet and the shamrock cookie cutter will stay in the drawer for another year.  We’ve had our share of sweet things recently and really didn’t need more cake or biscuits.

Arthur’s breakfast was a banana-sweet potato-spinach smoothie.  Which is simply called ‘banana smoothie’ in our house, for reasons that will be obvious if you were or have a child who hates vegetables:

green banana smoothie

My breakfast was the Cake Batter Smoothie from Eat Raw, Eat Well made with avocado, orange and lemon.  Of course, after drinking it, I realised I forgot to add some leafy greens to really green it up.  But it was still kinda green, though the lighting in the photos is really bad:

cake batter smoothie2

For lunch I made Colcannon Puffs from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.  I thought they were great, Arthur rated them 60% but the kale was too much for Husband and DeeW taste and texture wise so next time I’ll use peas instead.  I used the baking option.  I think these would be great samosa style with nice curry-esque spices:

colcannon puffs

I wanted to make something along the lines of an Irish stew.  I used the Dilly Stew with Rosemary Dumplings recipe from Isa Does It as it seemed a perfect fit.  To save time I chopped some of the veggies the day before and got a few things ready in advance.  Then once everything was in the pot, I went off to get a can of white beans but ended up having a total Mother Hubbard moment.  As in, no beans.  Whoops.  Still, it turned out okay and Husband is a bit iffy when it comes to beans in a stew.  I used four cups of broth instead of the stated six cups.  Six was way too much for my pot and would have overflowed with that plus the beans I thought I had.  I think the four cups was a good decision in my case because my stew didn’t thicken enough, so I made a Nutellex-flour roux and whisked it in.  Then it thickened up beautifully. I sorta made the dumplings a bit too big…

dilly stew2

Next time I’ll reduce the amount of potatoes and add more carrot as it seemed I was scooping out lots of potato:

dilly stew1

As always, I’m loving Isa Chandra M’s recipes and am looking forward to seeing her, Terry Hope Romero and Vegan Black Metal Chef at their live show in Melbourne soon.  Are any of you guys going to see them here or Sydney?

6 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Colcannon Puffs and Dilly Stew with Rosemary Dumplings

  1. Oh your St Patrick’s Day looks really healthy and yummy – dumplings can never be too big – I must try that dish – look so delicious – I love dumplings. And the puffs look really good too. We had a St Patrick’s day celebration too – it is something I love because of all the green but also because Ireland is in my blood (literally). I have been lucky to have quite a few visits to Dublin but not as many as I would like outside Dublin – including one where I spent more time in Cork hospital than seeing tourist attractions (and their hospital system is even more expensive than a nice hotel would have been!) I would love to go to newgrange. And I really like your approach to these sort of celebrations with the kids. I mainly know about St Patrick and shamrocks and driving the snakes into the sea – must read more about him for next St Pat’s day for talking to sylvia about it.

    • Ireland is such a beautiful place and the people were so friendly. We did one of those hop on-hop off bus tours in Dublin and got the whirlwind Trinity College etc tours but my husband wanted to do a full tour of the Jamieson whiskey distillery!

    • heh thanks! I got my inspiration from other blogs where people seemed to do a lot with their children for special days. It looked like lots of fun and to have a meal plan that reflected a special day 🙂

  2. Ireland is great. My husband’s family is Irish and he still has aunties and uncles over there. We took the kids to County Clare to visit his favourite uncle in 2007. We had a fantastic time. Hey, I only just read the part about you going to see Isa and the Black Metal Chef! We’re not going because it seemed a bit too cool for me and H isn’t 18 just yet. I’ve been following her and Terry Hope Romero on Twitter since they’ve been in Melbourne. It’s good to see where they’ve been eating. Promise you’ll take pictures and write a post, so we can see what happened…please!

    • I don’t use Twitter so I didn’t even know they were doing updates, that’s how uncool I am 😛 I didn’t want to go on my own but then I thought well I’ll regret it if I don’t go. I know if they’re doing book signings of any of their books but I want to get Terry and Isa’s cupcakes and cookie books signed for my children 😀 And you’re so lucky to have family you can visit in Ireland! Jeeealous.

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