Veganopoulous needs to lose weight: hello raw, hello juicing

So, once upon a time, Veganopoulous was much heavier.  This was in pre-vegan days, about four years ago.  My fitness was beyond terrible.  We live on a slight hill with a tram stop about a four minute walk away.  By the time I’d reach the tram stop, I’d be completely out of breath. I realised this was also a safety issue because my son would run off ahead of me at the park and I wanted to keep up.  Except… I couldn’t.  I was also fairly depressed, refused to go out socially (unless it was with people I didn’t know, because they would not have known I stacked on a lot of weight).  I turned down offers to meet friends I hadn’t seen in so long, because I hated the way I looked.

Eventually I started exercising and eating better.  My chronic lower back pain disappeared.  Before I lost weight, I went to the doctor for the pain in both balls of my feet.  X-rays showed I had very, very fine hairline cracks and I was told I had to lose weight to help the cracks heal.  I also had another health scare, where surgery (with painful recovery) was on the cards.  I was told I could get the surgery or I could lose weight to see if the problem would go away.  I chose the latter of course!

So I ended up losing about 20kg (about 44lbs) over the space of a year and a half (had I worked harder, I could have lost it in well under a year).  I ended up joining a gym and training with a friend who is a vegan personal trainer, doing heavy weight training.  We also did cardio work.  I really dislike cardio (hated the bike class!) but weights were great.   I was pretty happy with my muscle gain. At that time I became vegan, and put on a couple kilos because I wanted to try all the vegan things I saw: pies, cakes, desserts, you name it.  Fortunately I got sick of them very quickly and lost the weight I’d gained.

In that time I tried mostly-raw for three weeks.  I felt amazing, I slept amazing and I could not believe how good I felt.  I was all “woah… so THIS is what it’s like to feel completely amazing and full of energy!”  I’ve never forgotten how good it felt but of course, I became slack and lazy.

And now I’m back at the point where I’ve stopped exercising, the gym membership has been cancelled, I’ve put on about 5kg and feel absolutely crap because my jeans don’t button up. When I put on weight, it all tends to go right to my stomach and face, which really don’t need to be any bigger!  I told my mum my jeans don’t fit and she said “well, yes, you can see you’ve put on weight”.  Righty-o, time to do something about it.  AGAIN.  I’m already slipping back in to not wanting to go out (I have a history of blahness when it comes to body image, which doesn’t help matters).  So I have warning sirens blaring right now!

I recently watched ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ and that was what got me back in to juicing. In the movie, Joe only has juice and no solid food.  In the past I twice tried Ani Phyo’s (unfortunately titled IMO) ‘Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast’ and didn’t make it past day 2, because I couldn’t stomach the ‘soups’ (which are just blended vegies… I’d rather eat the veggies whole than blended.  I can’t help it, I would start retching halfway through the bok choy soup).

Since putting on the 5kg, the pain in my feet has returned with a vengeance.  Even standing on my feet at home hurts.  I went shopping the other day and had a 4kg bag of produce over my shoulder and the balls of my feet were screaming.  And of course, my clothes don’t fit properly.

I’ve decided to stick this on my blog because then I’ll be honour bound to follow through.  This time. Ha!  I plan on using a combination of the recipes from Ani’s book, Ani’s ‘Raw Food Asia’,  ‘Eat Raw, Eat Well’ by Douglas McNish,and the Mean Green Juice from Reboot with Joe (the juice used in his movie F,S&ND). In the past I used many recipes from the awesome Choosing Raw site. I’ll also get back in to exercising, though with stabbing-knifey-pain in my feet that will be a barrel of laughs… but this is precisely why I need to lose weight, because my health problems may all come back.

Wish me luck!  Waaaaaaaaah! TSSSSSSSS!

Richard Simmons


10 thoughts on “Veganopoulous needs to lose weight: hello raw, hello juicing

  1. good luck – I am still feeling in the post festive slump – honestly I should be over it but hat is like saying kids back at school should just fall into bed with tiredness – it aint happening! But I think if you have done the weight loss once then at least you know you CAN do it – go for it and hope your feet will be better soon.

  2. Oooh good luck!

    I did a loose ‘juice detox’ at the end of 2012, and used a lot of info from Joe’s Reboot site. Mine was for detoxing as I was feeling quite sluggish after studying so hard for my masters. I was also doing a bit of a food trial, having eliminated wheat, yeast and sugar and figured it was as good a time as any to eliminate everything, hehe. I did mostly veggie based ones to keep the sugars low, with one fruity green juice a day. But I loved the munch and crunch (or whatever it’s called) option that Joe does, as I love being able to chew on something. I had juices/soups for pretty much all my main meals, and would do veggie sticks or whatever for snacks. He also has this baked zucchini dish which is sooooo yummy. Anyway, good luck again and I hope you get everything you want out of it 🙂

    • Thanks! I felt pretty inspired by Joe’s movie, and the American guy he featured. I was astounded at how much veg I used up with juicing though (and most of it seemed to go to pulp!), so depending on the juice I might use my blender so I at least get a little more for my dollars!

      • Oh my goodness, absolutely…I was so shocked at the amount of food going into me! It would be a whole green bag full just for brekkie! Crazy. I tried to do as many blender ones as possible too, although there are some funky things you can do with juice pulp. I haven’t experimented a lot with it…I know you can do crackers and muffins and stuff, my friend also used to mix it into her dog’s food for extra fibre, and another friend has mixed veggie based pulp into pasta sauces and stuff like that.

        • I’ve snuck veggie pulp in to pasta sauces and I kept carrot pulp aside for baked treats but I’m not sure what to do with the kale/greens pulp as I find the flavour too strong for things like crackers. I think I’ll pull out the dehydrator and make juice pulp crackers. I like the dog food idea too!

  3. Good luck!! I will be interested to know how you get on. I’ve been thinking of a juice fast myself. Just to have a reboot. I cannot contemplate it when it is cold outside though! You’ve reminded me that it is on the ‘to do’ list. Thanks. Good luck, I hope you find it easy this time and get the results you want.

    • Thanks! I also find it difficult to have anything remotely cold when the weather is cold. My body is definitely in need of a reboot, and even when this is over I think I would still incorporate a lot of juices in my daily diet.

  4. Ha! So much for the pale, thin vegan stereotype. I’ve never been as heavy as I have since I’ve been vegan – the food is too good. I actually signed up for online weight watchers this year – for the 3 month membership. I used it years ago and it worked for me then. It was working for me till the labyrinthitis thing hit me, but I’ll get back on it soon. I like it because I can do all the smoothies and juices and salads and stuff, but it just helps me keep track of quantities and the true amount of fat and calories and things in my sneaky favourites, like nuts and tahini, that I tell myself are healthy, so eat way too much. It forces me to snack on fruits and vegies and stops me having a second helping of pasta or rice. I’ve lost 3 kg since the start of January – so we can cheer each other on. 🙂

    • YESSSS the food is too good! Have you noticed that when a vegan eats a nice healthy bowl of salad or veg, people think negatively of it. Yet if a meat eater does it, they get congratulated for being ‘good’? I like keeping track of what I eat and in the past I counted calories, but this time I can’t be bothered 😛 I eat so much tahini, I tell myself it’s healthy and excellent for calcium etc but well, here I sit 5kg heavier! I also went off track with my portion sizes again which were another key to success for me. Congrats on your weight loss so far!

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