What We Ate: Meal Planning Week 2

Another week of meal planning. The past week went okay.  There were a few blank spots on my meal plan sheet where I thought “I’ll fill it in closer to the day”.  Big mistake because I found myself back in “what will I make???” mode.

For this past week, I wanted to minimise the amount of time spent preparing food because Husband was away. And I have that teeny tiny kitchen which itself is a hazard, so I like to keep my time in there to a minimum when I’m trying to focus on pots and pans and keeping an eye on DeeW in particular.

– breakfast for me was a ‘caramel’ smoothie made with banana, oats, date and lucuma powder. I bought lucuma after seeing it in many recipes but this was my first time using it and yes, I can see why people would think it lends a caramel taste:

lucuma smoothie

– for lunch the kids had leftover Linda McCartney sausages in bread rolls. I made myself the Baingan Bharta from Veganissimo! and I microwaved some coconut rice to go with it. This made a few meals:



– Arthur and DeeW requested porridge.  We actually had quite a bit this week.  I’m going to start reducing the amount of oats and putting in some quinoa and/or amaranth flakes:


– for dinner I made them some air fryer fries (we call them ‘air fries’), with veg and marinated tofu for Arthur.  DeeW won’t eat tofu so I made her these Fry’s chicken style strips which I cooked in the air fryer with the air fries.  They got overcooked and were on the crispy side:

strips chips veg



– the kids requested pasta, so I served up what I now call “B12 Pasta Delight”.  When the pasta is done I toss through a little Nutellex (you can use olive oil instead) and some nutritional yeast (savoury yeast).  For myself, I tossed some sundried tomato with minced garlic and toasted some pine nuts:

sundried tomato pine nuts pasta

– I found this packet of Macro barley and sweet potato bites at the bottom of the chest freezer.  They don’t make them anymore which is a shame as they’re a simple quick meal:

macro barley bites

– I finally tried out the Yonanas soft serve ‘ice cream’ maker I bought last year.  We made banana soft serve.  Look, there’s really no way to make this process look pretty:

yonana banana


– my breakfast was a smoothie made with banana, hazelnut, soy milk, pumpkin seeds and hemp protein.

– On my last trip to Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart, I picked up this soy based black pepper steak:

greenfarm vegan black pepper steak

 And yes, I left another space blank on the meal planner so what did Mamma make?  Kantong.  The sizzling Mongolian packet to be precise, which only I eat.  I can’t remember what Arthur and DeeW had.  Probably porridge for dinner at their request.  Anyway, I threw in a heap of veg to try and minimise the fact that these packet mixes contain lots of sugar *cough*:

kantong vegan steak


– breakfast for me was a smoothie made with blueberries, almonds, banana, dried and soaked figs and dates, orange juice (fresh squeezed) and water.  The recipe is in ‘Eat Raw Eat Well’. It was nice but I could have left the dates out as it was a bit too sweet because I added in the banana:

berry fig smoothie

– I made the Black Bean Lime Salsa from Brendan Brazier’s ‘Thrive’, a recipe I really love.  But I couldn’t help it and threw it in a wheat tortilla with some corn kernels.  Sorry Brendan:

black bean salsa with corn

– during the day I sat down with a nice cup of chai vanilla tea.  I had baked some chia seed muffins a few weeks ago, using a Dreena Burton recipe, then froze them all.  This was delicious and I’d used buckwheat and barley flour instead of spelt.  Later on in the day I went to use my chia seeds and spilled some out on the bench by accident.  Then I noticed tiny bugs.  I emptied more chia out on to some white paper.  More bugs.  So all my chia has been binned along with the muffins in the freezer.  I can’t bring myself to eat something with bugs in it and I don’t just mean that from a vegan perspective!

tea muffin


– leftovers day.  I still had salsa and bits and pieces so I mostly ate that.

– Husband returned home from a week interstate so I made the lemon self saucing pudding from Veganissimo! which is fast becoming the family favourite.  I had mine with some soy icecream:

lemon self saucing pudding Veganissimo!


– we visited my dad and on the way we stopped in at Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop for brunch.  I got myself the BLT, toasted of course:

Mister Nice Guy Bake Shop vegan BLT

– I also bought the peanut butter and jelly bun, something I hadn’t tried before.  Growing up, I was horrified Americans ate “peanut butter and jelly” sandwiches.  That’s because I didn’t know that what we call jelly is called Jello overseas (and for jelly we say jam).  Anyway, my sister and I shared this and it was yum.  I’m not much of a peanut butter-on-bread fan and prefer peanut butter in biscuits (cookies!) but this was really nice:

Mister Nice Guy's peanut butter jelly bun



What I learnt this week:  HAVE A MEAL PLAN IN ADVANCE WITH *ALL THE SPACES FILLED OUT*.  Yep, even a few blanks were enough to send me on a deep sea diving adventure to the land of Fry’s in the chest freezer.  Although I have a little stash of Fry’s for emergency meals, nothing this week was an emergency and I should have planned properly.  Hey, does anyone else have Emergency Biscuits/Cookies?  For when ‘visitors’ come over?  But when genuine visitors come over you have zero emergency biscuits?

Okay so it’s already Monday and week 3 of meal planning and here I sit with nothing filled in.  I really need to do it today or the whole week will most likely be stuffed!  It’s really hot this week so I have to find recipes that don’t use the oven.  And I’m in a really lazy summer kind of mindset where cooking is concerned.  If only the family ate meal style salads!


10 thoughts on “What We Ate: Meal Planning Week 2

  1. Yum, it all looks great! The Baingan Bharta looks especially delicious. I’m also intrigued by the black pepper steak…how was it?

    I visited Mister Nice Guys for the first time recently (Prahran mini store) and had that very same bagel! Was yummy!

    • The bagels are nice, I’d never tried the facon before (I forget which brand it is) but it was delish. I also like the curried ‘egg’ bagel. The black pepper steak was so so, one of those things for me that’s fine to try once but I don’t see myself getting it again. I’d rather use tofu 🙂

  2. Oh no, bugs! That is the WORST. I keep my chia seeds in the freezer to avoid them.

    I love the look of your spaghetti – Andy loves super saucy food so I hardly ever get those plain but yummy meals.

    • thanks! I don’t know why I didn’t put my chia in the freezer. It was one of those resealable foil bag packets and I’ve never seen these bugs in my kitchen before, ever. So I’m thinking they came with the seeds 😦 I put nuts and other stuff in the freezer, then other things like the lucuma and chlorella powder in a wine fridge so they’re cool enough. These bugs were really small and faint, like the thrips that you sometimes see on washing that’s hanging outside. Yuck, in any case!

  3. I think you needed that peanut butter and jelly scroll – I have always found the idea of peanut butter and jelly horrible because I am a peanut butter on toast or bread person – it is just the meal I need when I feel lazy but I am a bit wary of peanut butter in sweet recipes – sometimes it works for me and sometimes I am not so sure. But I would love to try the BLT. And your eating looks ok to me (maybe that reflects on my diet lately) – I really want a nice healthy salad of raw veg with all this hot weather but my fridge is a bit limp so I will need to see what I can salvage.

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