Scrambled Chickpeas from Isa Does It

It took me a long time to come around to tofu scramble.  With some kind of facon, all wrapped up in a wrappy thing, tofu scramble rocks.  Just when I decided I’d have to be making more tofu scramble, my copy of Isa Does It arrived and I saw the recipe for her Scrambled Chickpeas.

There’s not really much I can say about this dish apart from ‘easy’ ‘delicious’ ‘hearty’ and ‘filling’.  There’s no tofu in this scramble, just mostly-mashed chickpeas and other flavoursome stuff. I had mine with some tofu bacon and I’d added some mushrooms to the mix and a little black salt:

Chickpea Scramble

I foresee making this a lot with lots of flavour variations!

6 thoughts on “Scrambled Chickpeas from Isa Does It

  1. Oh Yum, I like scrambled tofu but it sometimes feels wrong – the firmer the better for me – but I think I would prefer chickpeas because I could eat these by the handful and regret to say I don’t feel that way about tofu

    • my scrambled tofu has to be plain. Not Asian inspired or middle eastern inspired, just plain as possible. I was never much of a scrambled eggs fan but I would never have them with anything other than feta cheese (Husband would call it ‘Greek eggs’ when my mum made them for him, even though they weren’t exactly Greek)

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