Home organisation: my ‘Home’ folder

Are you obsessed with organisation?  And stationery?  And those before-and-after websites which show scary amounts of clutter that magically get transformed in to fully functional organised beauty?  I love that stuff but I often find it difficult to stay on top of things myself and eventually, my house gets cluttered, organisation systems are forgotten and then I start the whole decluttering/organisation cycle again.

I always had a bit of a problem with keeping things in a given place.  Because I have so many drawers around the house, stuff was everywhere.  I’d run around at the last minute trying to find vouchers and loyalty cards (I don’t like keeping them in my purse as they bulk it up too much), or prescriptions for medicine, or the printout of the Lego club a friend told me about.  In other words, a big fat disorganised mess.  OUCH.


I got the idea for a ‘home folder/binder’ from different homeschool and organisation blogs around the www though I will give credit to By Sun and Candlelight as this is where I first got the idea.  Basically it’s a folder where you keep stuff related to the running of your home.  Sure, you don’t need to have this kind of stuff to ‘run’ your home but if you hate running around looking for stuff like I do, then the home folder may be your friend.  I love this folder. I want to tell all my friends!


My home folder is a plain white binder with the clear plastic covering where you can slide paper inside, as I have done here with cutesy green scrapbooking paper and ye olde kitschy lettering.  Who goes there!


This is how I divide up my home folder:

Health:  each member of the family has a plastic pocket that holds anything medical related like prescriptions, test results, referrals etc.

House Keeping: this is named in honour of Alice. Here I include various jobs I’ve jotted down on index cards that relate to things that have to be done around the house.  It’s handy to pull out these cards and know which jobs have to be done.  I do not use these index cards as often as I should.  I do not use these index cards at all actually.  Next year I will! *cough*

Meals: printouts of recipes I use often, with notes of any modifications.

Vouchers & Cards: any freebie/discount vouchers as well as loyalty cards.

Fun Stuff: printouts of places or events I’ve heard about or want to visit with the family.

Home & Car: I keep a running list here of things we need to buy that are not really grocery shopping list items.  Things like “new rug for the study” or “2x summer pyjamas for Arthur”.  Basically things that come to mind when I realise something like Arthur and DeeW are in need of summer sandals because their feet have grown so much.  In this section I also have a master to-do list for the house and car, like “replace broken lead lighting in front door” or… “wash car”. Oh and I keep business cards and loyalty cards for stuff related to car and home maintenance and use.

Special Occasions: this is where I keep info and printouts of things like Christmas recipes, cool looking birthday decorations and so on.  I also keep lists in here where I write down things like gift ideas or a list of handmade goodies I will give out for Christmas presents (with notes on recipes I have tested).

Having all this stuff in the one place is super helpful.  No more searching through fifty thousand drawers and cute storage tins for the one loyalty card I’m searching for!  No more losing prescriptions or making another doctors appointment to replace said lost prescription!  No more googling for my hairdresser, writing the number down on a scrap of paper, losing it, googling it again, losing it again…


Those days are GONE!  Some may say I’ve been brainwashed by the whole home/house organisation folder thing.  And okay, that may be true. But honestly, information is now so much easier to find when it’s all in the one folder.  It’s so handy being able to reach out from where I’m sitting now and grab the folder from my desk top file rack to look something up.  In the old days I’d search through all the drawers or try and think like Husband and work out where he may have put a particular piece of paper. None of that nonsense anymore!


Look in to my eyes.

6 thoughts on “Home organisation: my ‘Home’ folder

  1. Well done, Alice! Sounds like you have it all under control. I have one of those manilla envelope thingies for each member of the family, including the dog. I always know where to find prescriptions and notices now…but I think I need to clean it out occasionally…I was looking for something in my daighter’s envelope the other day and came across the packing list for her year 9 trip to Italy (she’s just finished year 11)!

    By the way, I remember that household-chores-on-index-cards trick from reading The Women’s Room, back in the 80s. I’ve never been THAT organised – but as a librarian back then, it appealed to me.

  2. Good for you! This is an awesome idea. I am very much like you, always struggling to organize and never seeming to get everything “done” – as if that were possible. I just want one week where everything is organized and flows smoothly! 😉

    • I looove the idea of organisation systems (I should do a post on the things I’ve bought to help keep me organised but that would be an epic fail post) though I never remained disciplined about maintaining things!

  3. I like the idea – and I do have some very helpful files which are great when I use them (and I do but not as much as I should) – but I don’t like to think of all my organisation ideas that end up in a heap of clutter

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