Another whoops-I-forgot-the-What-I-Ate-posts Post

Whoops indeed.  I’ve been pretty busy lately and neglecting the blog a bit.  This is the time of year where I start mapping out next year’s schooling plans so most of my computer time has been spent doing that.

First up, many happy returns to Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop!  I tried their maple facon bun, yummm.  We also got a free mini cupcake to celebrate the happy birthday.  Here’s to many more birthdays!


Mini pumpkin pies and pecan pies!





I have a new toy!  Yay for credit card reward points. And blu tack on the walls to hold up recipe printouts:


One of Arthur’s favourite meals is Dreena Burton’s BBQ Sunflower Tofu.  Yes, there’s a lack of vegetables.  He drinks them instead (but don’t tell him.  I just call it ‘juice’):


I picked up this packet of mac and cheese from Bed and Broccoli’s stall at World Vegan Day.  My mac and cheeze attempts have always been a little mehhh but this was nice.  I wish the rest of the family would eat mac and cheeze:


My mum made yemista (stuffed Greek vegetables) with roast potatoes:


I made some chocolate sweet potato brownies:


Late night munchies: refried beans in tortillas cooked in the frying pan.  I really don’t like canned refried beans:


Arthur usually asks for porridge (oatmeal) with a little golden syrup:


I went to Lord of the Fries and took this bad picture:


I opted for some vegan mayo sauce on the fries.  Whenever I get a sauce I think nope never again (I don’t like too much sauce) but when I get plain fries, I always wish I got a sauce.  WHAT TO DO:



Mama’s making Kantong with frozen vegetables.  I have to say it, I really dislike the taste of frozen vegetables.  Do you think they have that frozen-veggies taste?  Anyway, I used some mock duck and soy nuggets with a packet of Kantong.  It was okay but those packet sauces have a fair bit of sugar:


Some satay buns I bought from Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart:



A can of gigantes (large beans, Greek style).  This photo is awfully red but I don’t think there’s any red food colouring involved:


I tried these Redwood burgers and decided that if I go to a bbq and want a burger, these will be it.  Much nicer than the Fry’s burger in my greedy opinion:

I made a Thai style curry using some soy slices.  The slices come dried and you have to rehydrate them.  These were awful and had a really strong soy milk taste.  I mean, obviously, they’d taste like soy, being soy.  But I don’t like the taste of soy milk in anything other than my cornflakes.  I don’t want my Thai curries tasting like soy milk.  The soy nuggets I use (in the picture above somewhere) don’t have the soy milk taste:


Honest, we eat fruit and vegetables and healthy stuff.  I just forget to take photos of those!


10 thoughts on “Another whoops-I-forgot-the-What-I-Ate-posts Post

  1. all looks delicious – the maple facon buns are really up there on my to buy list but I always forget to go to mr nice guy – must must get there – and love mac and cheese (wish sylvia would get it) and brownies and yemista and beans – I tried a dried tofu bean skin thing once and had to throw out the dish I made – and I agree frozen veg always taste frozen except peas which are just yummy

  2. Wow those Maple Facon buns look sooo good. I still haven’t got around to visiting their new shop – think I shall have to now! Also sweet potato brownies sounds like a very cool idea which I shall now explore. I have to say that I too am not a huge fan of lotf sauces – although I used to be a huge fan of their vegan thai satay sauce before they removed it from the menu – that was the best vegan sauce they had. Now my lotf experiences just aren’t quite the same – I keep meaning to write to them begging them to bring it back.

    Great blog 🙂

    • hi and thanks! Yep those buns were good! I’m with you on LOTF sauces, nothing really grabs me. The southern bbq one was waaay too sweet and I couldn’t finish my chips. And the sweet potato chips were disappointing, half of mine seemed undercooked 😦

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