Dinner at Philhellene, Moonee Ponds

My mum’s birthday was this week and she decided she wanted to have her birthday dinner at Philhellene.  When she initially phoned them up, she asked about vegan options for me and was assured there were vegan dishes.  Of course, this didn’t stop me from going straight to the menu online and confirming that for myself 🙂

It was a busy night but our entrees arrived quickly.  My sister and I shared the ‘rodi dip’, which was made from roasted red capsicum, walnut and pomegranate:


I stuffed myself on bread before even thinking to ask if it was vegan, seeing as all the Greek women in my family only ever made bread with vegan ingredients.  I just assumed it was then later smacked myself in the head for not asking (I don’t want to know now!):


Arthur and DeeW got some chips and I had… quite a few of those:


I ordered the cauliflower salad with cous cous, parsley, pomegranate, onion, almond and dressed with a pomegranate molasses vinaigrette.  This was delicious and not a huge serve, though I was already a little full with the bread, dip, and pinching the chips.  I want to try and replicate this at home as it was a winner for me:


My sister ordered the vegetarian platter.  I’m really proud of my sister.  She no longer eats meat and although she’s more vegetarian now, most of what she eats or cooks is vegan.  Anyway, I’ve decided to include a photo (I only show vegan foods here on the blog but in this case all you see is pastry!).  I think the only non-vegan item on the veg platter are the pastries which contained feta and spinach.  This was a really big meal and my sister couldn’t finish it without help (she didn’t eat the pastries 😉 :


We all enjoyed our meals and service was very efficient and friendly.  The restaurant was quite busy and although our entrees arrived quickly, our mains took a really long time which is kinda a little difficult when you have young children getting impatient!  I’d brought along stuff to keep them occupied so fortunately there was no “where’s Charlie Chan with that food?” moment:


I didn’t have a chance to take a photo of the inside of Philhellene, plus there were people everywhere, so here’s the indoor view from my seat:



Although not a vegan establishment of course, I was very happy with my food and if my family wanted to go back there I would gladly order the rodi dip again (though I’d check if the pita bread is vegan but ohhh it was good bread) and some of the other vegan options.

Philhellene is located at 551-553 Mt. Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds. http://www.philhellene.com.au/

10 thoughts on “Dinner at Philhellene, Moonee Ponds

  1. The pomegranate in that cauliflower salad is so pretty 🙂

    I’ll be in Melbourne next week, though very busy with a conference the whole time. Andy is coming down on Wednesday night and I thought I could skip a bit of conference on Thursday and do some things around Melbourne. And then I remembered about Mister Nice Guys, which you post about a lot. My question is – are there fun / interesting things to do near Ascot Vale or would we be better visiting their stall in Prahran Markets?

    • Oh and more information: conference is in Caulfield and we’re staying in Ormond, where we will be returning for dinner with our host (and I want to bring cake home for dessert!).

    • I never really do anything around Ascot Vale apart from Mister Nice Guy’s 😛 I haven’t been to the Prahran Market stall but I’m guessing it would be more interesting than Ascot Vale cos it’s a market and you can look around and stuff. Also Prahran is about 20 minutes away from the city by tram, Ascot Vale about 40-45 minutes by tram. So on that alone I’d probably go for the Prahan market stall. Check their facebook page if you can, they usually list the goodies at their locations 🙂

  2. That veg platter looks delicious – could you ask for one without the pastries (maybe with bread instead if it is vegan – I do that too – eat food assuming it would be vegetarian and then don’t want to know otherwise as it would spoil my enjoyment) – and it is always good to be able to share a nice meal with family

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