Tofu Shop International, Richmond

This blog post is about a month late, as I visited The Tofu Shop a while ago.  This time, I remembered to take a photo of the outside (well, technically Husband did while I was inside ordering):


I can’t really remember now what I ordered but I believe it was some kind of tofu veg curry, and a separate lot of roast vegetables and broccoli served on brown rice.  I wasn’t blown away and I couldn’t help feel it was overpriced for what I got (my serving of rice was really, really small and I was still hungry afterwards which is never a good sign when you pay a fair bit):


As we were on our way to visit family, I decided to pick up a few of the tofu based desserts.  I found the taste of tofu very strong and although I love tofu and using it in sweets, I like the taste of tofu to be hidden in dessert.  None of the desserts I’ve made with tofu have the tofu taste and I’ve been able to fool the I-hate-tofu crowd.  Still, if you don’t mind a strong tofu taste in your dessert you’ll like these:


Although service was friendly, I found the ordering process a little confusing  which made me wonder if there was some kind of ordering protocol that the regulars would know about but as a newcomer I wouldn’t.  The woman behind the counter even asked if I had been there before.  I had asked what the vegan options were and could I have a selection of them on rice, but then I was treated to a confusing explanation (which I don’t remember as I started feeling frazzled) only to end up with what I’d asked for.  Friendly, but confusing.

Tofu Shop International is located at 78 Bridge Road, Richmond.


4 thoughts on “Tofu Shop International, Richmond

  1. No wonder you didn’t feel in a hurry to write it up – yesterday I remembered I place I visited on holiday in September that I had forgotten to write up – but I digress – shame it didn’t quite satisfy – it all looks really good

  2. Sounds interesting! I always feel like places have to be exceptionally good for everyone else in the world so they don’t swear off tofu forever! Too bad this one wasn’t.

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