Some changes to the Veganopoulous blog

I’ve been thinking about my blog lately and how it has pretty much shifted from its original purpose.  I’ve also realised the flaws in how I set things up, such as the tags and categories.  I foresee having to go back and edit quite a few things!

I thought about setting up a second blog more specific to our life as a home educating family where I could also have a bit of a personal record for myself.  The problem with this scenario is that I’ve had multiple blogs before and I don’t really have the time or mojo to work on more than one blog.  Also, I foresee a lot of duplication with two blogs.  For instance, I really like including photos of our adventures here on Veganopoulous, but those same adventures would be included on a second blog, which seems an unwise use of my limited time.

So I’ve decided to just stick with the one blog and make some changes.  I’ll still have what my readers are used to, like the vegan stuff (yes I know, I was supposed to be veganising Greek recipes but I get too distracted by amazing recipes on other blogs and my new cookbooks!) and my cooking flops.  But I’ll also be blogging about home ed related stuff and probably more about family/life stuff.  Currently I have home ed related posts listed under the ‘Homeschooling’ category.  I’m not that much of a brainiac with WordPress and readers but this is the feed URL for the Homeschooling category:  Hopefully you can plug that in to your reader and be subscribed to that category, if that’s the only category you’re interested in reading here 🙂

Truthfully, I did set up the second blog yesterday and made a couple of posts but hadn’t yet mentioned the blog anywhere.  Then I got three followers, each one of those standard spam-like profiles, where clearly they have no interest in the actual content of my blog.  To be honest I found that creepy so I’ve deleted the very short lived second blog.

I realise my blog’s changes may not be for everyone reading! I have followers for the vegan side and then I have followers for the home ed side, then I have followers who are vegan homeschoolers!  So I’d like to have something for everyone but still not bore readers with stuff they’re not interested in 🙂

I  don’t like to give too much away about our family life, so that side of things will still have the privacy concerns, like the photos of us with heads cut off or books in front of our faces.  But I have had some questions asked about our homeschooling life and people asking me to blog more about it.  It’s fun getting questions from homeschoolers overseas about life as a home ed family in Australia.

Unfortunately I have also had some negative comments on this blog when I’ve made homeschool related posts (YES IT IS LEGAL IN AUSTRALIAAAAARGHGHGH please don’t tell me it isn’t as the Australian Government will also disagree with you there!) so comments will still have to be approved.  Mmmkay?  It is a little stressful getting silly comments in real life and I don’t want to have to deal with them in my ‘safe space’ blog, especially as this is our family life and we make the decisions that are best for us.

I hope my readers will stick around with these changes!  I will try to strike a balance between themes and please feel free to skip the bits that don’t interest you.

Okay, time to go and get cracking on some music history lessons for the kids.  Which in my house is a fancy way of saying it’s time to put on some ABBA.


12 thoughts on “Some changes to the Veganopoulous blog

  1. Sounds good to me! Whatever you want to talk about is great. 🙂 I don’t homeschool but I think it’s a great idea and I follow some homeschool blogs to give me ideas for activities to do with the kids outside of school hours.

  2. I’ll skip the vegan and follow your home ed stuff! Actually, I’ll probably read the vegan stuff too, but still eat my steak 🙂 But you can’t be all bad because…well…Abba!

  3. I understand where you are coming from. Initially my blog was supposed to be about the restoration of my home, but I very quickly realized that I could not stick to blogging only about that. There is so much that I enjoy sharing with other people. I don’t know how people with single focus blogs do it. More power to them. I was not about to start a second blog so it all goes into Collar City Brownstone. Even though I have pages focusing on specific areas, I still blog about a lot of others things.

    I try to please everyone, but clearly there are some things that I blog more about than others. According ot my stats most of the people who visit my blog are fans of Richard Armitage. That is why you see his face all the time in most of my top posts and pages widget on my sidebar.

    I really like using WordPress, but it was the start of problems with spamming and people trying to hack into my blog. I mean from day one after switching from Blogger to WP I started getting notifications that people were trying to hack it. Finally someone succeeded a little over a month ago. It was a nightmare. It was a botnet that got into it. I had to clean up my pc and the blog. My blog is also self hosted so I changed hosts too. I beefed up security on every front and changed my user name as well as my password. I was so stressed out.

    I thought about moderating comments, but I don’t feel that is necessary right now. There are 2 plugins that I use to catch spam comments, and so far only one visitor left an insulting comment. My other readers took care of her for me though…LOL

    • Good for you! Yes, I noticed your blog had been taken over but that you’d quickly taken care of it. I can only imagine how stressful that was! Which reminds me, I had a comment ready to go on your blog about the vegan cheese but it didn’t post for some reason.

  4. Glad you’re sticking with the vegan stuff too. I had no idea you were homeschooling – I must have missed those posts, or just didn’t pick up on it. Cool! I remember considering that for my kids, but I decided that since I’m such an introvert, they’d probably never come in contact with another human being, so it was probably best I sent them out to school. I did read up on homeschooling (message boards and websites in those days – this was pre-blog time!) and had (actually, still have) a really good book on it, because they had great ideas for things to do at home with the kids.

  5. All sounds interesting to me. I think blogs that naturally develop are quite lovely because they are developing personality. I started with a determination that I would only blog recipes and nothing about my life – now I quite like to write about anything that interests me – though still mostly food focused – I figure it’s my blog and I will write what I want. And every now and again you want to write something that is quite tangential – like how skinny are the ABBA boys. I don’t do homeschooling but am interested to read about it.

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