Sweet Potato, Peanut and Chickpea Stew from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan

Back in August, before our trip to Sydney, I’d made a bunch of meals to freeze so I wouldn’t have to cook when we returned.  One of those meals was the Sweet Potato, Peanut and Chickpea Stew from ‘Eat, Drink & Be Vegan’ by Dreena Burton (and it froze well!)

This was really easy to make, like every other Dreena recipe I’ve made.  I wish the family ate chickpeas but secretly I’m glad I had this to myself 😉  This is something I’d make again, though as I’m a bit forgetful (and maybe a bit lazy) when it comes to putting things on the side, I’d throw in a bunch of veggies.  I hope I have the recipe title correct, my sister is borrowing my copy of ED&BV so I can’t check:


Now, for someone who visits libraries as often as I do, I’m waaay behind the times.  See, many of the libraries here have a self checkout system.  There are a range of languages to choose from represented by flags, so one day Arthur asked if he could press the skull-and-crossbones.  He did, we then fell around laughing, and this is what we got when we left.  WHEEEEEEZE:


And my business here be done.  Signed, Pirate Yoda.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Potato, Peanut and Chickpea Stew from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan

  1. love the skull and crossbones tale – I must try this button – usually too harrassed by choosing books with small child to notice!

    also love the look of this recipe – I wish Sylvia ate chickpeas in the dishes I cooked – she loves them from the can and I often use less than the recipe says because I am doling them out to her!

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