Dinner at Rice Queen and dessert at Berrissimo

Tonight is a child-free night and  that’s when Husband and I try to go out to eat somewhere.  We had a function to attend in the city today and I’ve been hanging out to try the vegan soft serve at Berrisimo, so we decided to look around Brunswick Street in Fitzroy for a restaurant to suit us both.  We were right near Rice Queen, I spotted the vegan items on the menu and Husband said this is a winner.

Now for me, Rice Queen is one of those places where I could swear I’ve been to before but you know when you go in you realise actually no, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten here before HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?  Perhaps I went to the old venue but I don’t know.  Anyway, I really liked the interior:


I liked the sound of the ‘flat fried sesame gyoza strips with white miso smoky eggplant sauce and pickled cucumbers’ for an entree.  The waitress pointed out that these were not gyoza dumplings, instead they were the wrappers pressed in to black and white sesame and fried.  Still sounded good to me.  The miso in the eggplant sauce was easily detectable but not overpowering– I find the taste of miso quite strong even in small amounts but this was good.  I’ve had dishes (usually made by me, ha ha…) where the miso is just too in ya face.  Anyway, the gyoza wrapper strips were interesting and went well with the dippy sauce (as did the sweet pickled salad)  but I wouldn’t order it again because I do like to avoid fried stuff.  Oh who am I kidding, I will never give up hot jam donuts:


For my main I got the Thai green curry with tofu and veg.  This was good, on the spicy side and not sweet.  I find some Thai green curry to be a bit too sweet but this wasn’t:


Service was efficient and friendly and our meals arrived quickly.  The only downside was the seating, we had one of the small round tables for two (the other option was high tables with stools, which I don’t like when I want to let my gut all hang out, which looks worse on a bar stool, I always say).  The table was so small it couldn’t fit our dishes plus rice and glasses and bottle of water so the waitress bought over a little side table for our cutlery tray  and the emptied rice bowls.  Which created some space but we still felt the table was just way too cramped and we had to be careful not to knock stuff down.

Rice Queen is located at 389 Brunswick Street, Fiztroy.  http://ricequeen.com.au/

I was so full I couldn’t finish all the rice but did that stop me from living out my vegan Berrissimo dream?  That’s right VegMel bloggers, thanks to you lovely peeps who have posted reviews, I indulged in a serve of half Nutella and half chocolate mousse topped with truffles and the peanut caramel sauce ZOMGGGGGGGGG$#^*@%%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am absolutely and totally stuffed from all that.  Now, I’m not really a big ice cream fan though my preferred flavour has always been peppermint choc chip.  But Berrissimo was really good.  The third vegan option is lemonade, I might try that next time because there will be a next time:


We sat in the window seat:


And of course, being Melbourne, it started bucketing down on the drive home.  We’ll sit down to watch the new James Spader tv drama ‘The Blacklist’ and watch a movie in peace!

Berrissimo is located at 360 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.  http://berrissimo.com.au/

8 thoughts on “Dinner at Rice Queen and dessert at Berrissimo

  1. I went to Berrissimo when I was in Melbourne for a work trip in July. It wasn’t really ice cream weather, but that didn’t stop me from getting a chocolate ice cream with peanut butter fudge topping, and sitting in the window seat, too. It was so, so good.

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