So long vegan MoFo 2013! And random what-I-ates


Ehhhh welll it’s no secret my attempt at vegan MoFo this year was rather slack.  So many plans, so many last minute spanners in the works that just saw my MoFo plans fizzle out.  I did enjoy MoFo though because I discovered Australian blogs I hadn’t read before and I’ve enjoyed every single one.

Melbourne, being Melbourne, has really given us the four seasons in one day recently.  We’ve had some beautiful spring days and crazy winds last night causing power outages and all sorts of annoyances.  At least it’s good kite flying weather and Husband is a kite flying expert.  Me, I do the running around stupidly in a circle getting the string all wound up.

Much excitement (for me) as I had a Box Day.  For those of you not down with homeschoolin’ lingo, Box Day is when a cool package of schooly stuff arrives.  For me it was the next level of DeeW’s reading program:


I’m going to plug this reading program because I love it so much.  It’s called All About Reading and the sister program is All About Spelling.  I have found these to be absolutely brilliant for both Arthur and DeeW.  Arthur has All About Spelling .  Both programs involve multi-sensory learning and none of this “memorise 100 words by sight” stuff which doesn’t work for many kids.  You don’t have to be a homeschooler to use these programs, you can be a parent with a child displaying reading readiness (more info on that at the AAS/AAR site) or reading difficulty, or you can be a teacher looking for a new program for your students to grasp basic reading and spelling concepts.  I know people who have dyslexia and their kids do too, and the family benefits together.  I can’t recommend All About Reading and All About Spelling enough, and the founder has a very interesting story to tell about why she started the program.  You can find out more at the All About Learning Press website at  (all opinions here are my own and my opinions are in the category of “this has been super fantastic for my kids and I can’t gush about it enough and hey I even learnt a few things about when to use ‘k’ or ‘ck'”).

Okay, time to put on my food face.  Another gush-worthy recipe I’ve mentioned before is Dreena Burton’s BBQ Sunflower Tofu which Arthur loves.  I make a batch of this for him and he asks for seconds.  He likes the little marinadey bits:


I’ve been making the Lemon Meringue Pie smoothie from ‘Eat Raw, Eat Well’.  Yep, this tastes as good as it sounds:


Aaaand here’s my big flop.  It’s a raw banana pie from Brendan Brazier’s ‘Thrive’ book.  I don’t know what I did wrong, but my base was really crumbly and I’m sure I followed the recipe.  The filling part was good but I should have taken more care.  I didn’t make the topping but I had some cashew cream and used that.  It was okay but I found the taste of sunflower seeds a little much.  i would make it again though with some little changes.  And take a much better photo:


I made another batch of Singapore Style Noodles I blogged about previously.  This time I used mock duck (made from wheat, with a bbq flavour) and tofu puffs:


I’ve been making the Raised Waffles recipe from Isa’s ‘Vegan Brunch’.  Arthur really likes these, though I prefer the cornbread waffles.  Still, it’s fun making this yeast version.  I plopped some coconut cream on mine and coconut sugar.  Yes, this was the last-of-the-batter waffle:


During the week I just forgot to take photos.  Or I did take some photos of stuff and deleted them somehow.  Now I will just have to make citrus coconut pie all over again!  See you then 😉

4 thoughts on “So long vegan MoFo 2013! And random what-I-ates

  1. I would love to get a waffle iron – but need a bigger kitchen, first! Yeast-bread or cornmeal waffles both sound amazing. You should totally do Veganopolous & Dreena! Hers is the cookbook I’ve made the most recipes from, because they are all so good!

  2. I enjoyed your eclectic vegan mofo posts and am interested if you have those homeschooling books because you do home schooling or because you think it gives your kids a little extra help outside school – and love any tofu dish that kids ask for seconds for 🙂

    • Thanks! I got that spelling/reading program a few years ago because I had thought Arthur had dysgraphia (as it turned out, he was just super stubborn, ha ha…) But I mostly bought it because it matched my own thoughts on teaching reading and spelling in a hands-on manner. Stuff with manipulatives works really well with my kids. The reading program ties in with the spelling program which can be used later on and so it’s a program you can use for years. Arthur never had any problems reading and picked it up quickly, but he needed a little help with spelling. I also liked how the spelling rules were taught and how you can tailor the program to where your child is at. A friend of mine uses this program to give her kids extra help outside school, so yep, it’s not a program just for homeschoolers. I should have mentioned it’s American but there are some very minor modifications for using in Australia (really, really minor like changing a few of the words when learning a vowel sound).

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