Tahu Goreng from Sid In The Kitchen blog

This year for Vegan MoFo, I subscribed to many great vegan food blogs.  I’ve enjoyed every blog post I’ve read and bookmarked many recipes and eating-out venues!

I’ve also drooled over photos and on some occassions, like today, I’ve made the fantastic looking recipes.  Today’s fantastic looking recipe was Tahu Goreng- Fried Beancurd in Peanut, Soy and Tamarind Sauce from Sid In The Kitchen.  Look at the photos!  Now you see why I had to make it.

I mostly followed the instructions but was too hungry and lazy to grind the peanuts so I toasted them whole.  I didn’t have cucumber so I thinly sliced some zucchini and I also used the last bit of noodles I had floating around in the back of the pantry.  And I then decided that I would mix everything together in the wok instead of serving it like the recipe suggests, and finally I sprinkled dried shallots on top:


This recipe is great and I think it would be even greater if I’d served it exactly as the recipe states!  I was in a rush as well tonight but I will definitely assemble the finished product properly next time. If I have to cook food for guests, this will be on the menu  🙂

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