The Royal Melbourne Show

Once a year during the September school term holidays,  Melbourne puts on The Show.  The Royal Melbourne Show, known as… the Show, is an agricultural show that has been running since 1848.

Going to the Show as a kid was pretty exciting and for me it was mostly for the showbags.  I always got the Sunny Boy showbag and the Bertie Beetle showbag for all the chocolate.  Then you had the novelty showbags like the magic trick stuff, or goonie goggles or the joke gag showbag.  We didn’t go every year, though there were often school excursion groups run specially during the school holidays.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to the show.  At a guess, I’d say maybe twenty eight years now.  Nothing really appealed to me as I got older because I’m not in to all the carnival rides or crowds.  We were lucky today because Husband and I chose the worst weather forecast day as we figured it wouldn’t be as busy.  Good choice because when we arrived we were the only people at the ticket booths.  It was incredibly windy and a few rides closed because of the winds, but everything calmed down nicely soon after.

I packed some snacks as I anticipated a lack of vegan food so I was happy to see this stall for Vegetarian Pops, which were actually vegan.  These were made with zucchini, carrot and… something else and as a quick savoury snack they hit the spot:



Showbags pavillion!








We all enjoyed looking at the decorated cakes.  I applaud the people who do this, I have no patience or talent for it whatsoever.  But remember, I dip cake in my tea:







The minion cakes were popular:


I loooooved the crochet:






Arthur wanted to go on the Ghost Train.  I went on this when I was his age and I remember it being pretty crap… today I paid $15 for the two of us to experience the same crap, slightly updated with strobe lights, but still the same shouty dudes jumping out at you with axes.  I wish this had been The Rimmer Experience:


We sat in these giant mouth things:


…and enjoyed the supernatural view:


Arthur loves watching Adventure Time and from what I saw today, it’s popular with teens too.  So many teens walking around with the AT backbacks and inflatable hammers and bats.  I understand the appeal, I’ve watched a few episodes and it is pretty funny:

The big downside for me was stuff like this, which is supposed to be a drawcard, given it’s an agricultural show.  I felt sorry for the cattle and sheep in their teeny pens today:

Arthur and DeeW just HAD to have a turn at the Angry Birds game.  $10 for three shots… they didn’t score anything but the guy working there increased their score by one point and let Arthur choose a toy from the bottom row.  There was nothing he wanted, so he let DeeW choose something for herself (the purple horse you can just see in the middle of the bottom row of cheaper toys.  Horse is now known as Rosalina):

Husband and I agreed that although the kids enjoyed it, we won’t go back next year.  We were pretty impressed with Arthur’s financial skills though.  My sister gave the kids $20 each to spend at the Show.  DeeW chose a My Little Pony showbag.  I took Arthur to the showbags pavillion and he was checking out all the chocolate/junk food show bags.  We worked out that it’s cheaper to buy the stuff elsewhere so he decided to keep his $20 and put it in the bank to earn interest.  Ha!

Now we’re all back home, the kids have done some quiet winding-down activities and Husband and I just want to sleeeep!

12 thoughts on “The Royal Melbourne Show

  1. Oh man, I used to love the show when I was little. My brother and I would spend weeks doing extra jobs to earn pocket money to spend there…I remember bag after bag of weeds that we’d get $1 each for, and washing the car and anything we could think of. We’d end up with $50 which was RICH for us, and then blow it all on rides and showbags. Last time I went I was shocked at the prices of everything…I guess it’s still kind of magic for the kids but it seems like it’s becoming more and more of a rip off. Hehe I remember Bertie Beetle bags too…classic.

    • I got my sister the Bertie Beetle today because that was always her favourite and it’s the 50th anniversary of Bertie Beetle! I did feel there was a lot of rip off junk there and the games are around $10 for a few turns 😦 Husband reckons Luna Park is heaps better in terms of value for money, I wouldn’t know though!

  2. Super excited to see you tried the Pops – saw them popping (oh god an accidental pun!) up on FB a couple of days ago and I love the idea of them – hope they manage to find a place to vend in future!

  3. Guess where we are off to tomorrow – when I was little it was all about showbags and rides but now it is about seeing all the cakes and produce – but I know what sylvia will love – love all the crochet too – will be checking that out and hope to see the vegie pops

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