Random What I Ate and my containers problem

So many food flops, you guys.  So.many.flops.  Let’s start with my eggplant and potato curry, where I thought I’d just throw in a bit of this and a bit of that.  And what I ended up with was a horrible overspiced bitter-aftertasting mess.  I ate this portion but had to bin the rest.  Note the mustard seed overdosing:


After reading about Kantong packet mixes over at Vegan Bullsh*t I was pretty pleased to see that Coles supermarket had a special where you buy two for a reduced price.  I bought the Chow Mein packet sauce and the Sizzling Mongolian (which, unfortunately, does not involve a hot dude).  As I eyeballed the Kantong, I couldn’t help but wonder: If mama’s making Kantong, will it take long for the kids to come around?

I had also bought these mock meats from Global Green Vegetarian Food Mart:


I used the ‘Princess’ stuff on the left.  First I fried it in a little oil and stir fried my veggies and added the Sizzling Mongolian sauce.  This was actually quite nice, a bit on the sweet side but still okay.  For the chow mein, I used some tofu I’d dusted in cornflour and fried the day before, along with more veggies and some ramen noodles I had lying around.  I didn’t like the chow mein much and found it a bit too salty and I was too lazy to make rice for the Sizzling Mongolian so I just kinda plopped one on top of the other and this way, it was fine:


I also decided to try this mock duck made from bean curd skin.  I was kinda surprised it looked like this when I opened the packet.  I half expected it to speak to me and tell me what to do next:


I sliced it up and marinated it in hoi sin sauce for a few hours then fried it up:


I’d say this was a flop.  The outer layers would go crispy but the inside bean curd sheets didn’t seem done so I had to pull the layers apart to be sure everything cooked inside.  Next time I’ll use the oven option.

Now for a flop on the healthy eating side.  I present you with my number one comfort food: cornflakes with hot milk, sugar and chocolate powder.  When I was little and would stay with my grandparents, my grandma would always make us cornflakes.  And as this was the Time Before Microwaves, grandma would heat the milk in her little saucepan and pour it over the cornflakes which had already been dusted with some sugar and Milo.  These days, I use a bit of raw sugar and the Milo is replaced with Loving Earth drinking chocolate powder.  Soy milk too of course.  Anyway, the other day I was cleaning out the wardrobe drawers in the spare bedroom and found a Christmas card from my grandma.  She died three years ago so it was a bit of a suprise to find the card and a $50 note inside.  I’d obviously put it in the drawer for safe keeping and forgot about it.  I started feeling a little sad, so I went and made hot cornflakes.  I have never been able to eat cornflakes with cold milk, ever:


At mum’s house, I had this tasty lunch with her pilafi rice, simple greens salad, home made eggplant dip and canned Greek beans:


I made Black Pepper Tofu to share with my mum and sister.  I mixed in rice I’d cooked the day before.  YUM:


I’ve been under the weather this past fortnight and haven’t really had the energy to be creative in the kitchen.  We did enjoy some nice visits to the library.  The kids are free to choose their own books, though Husband and I will often skim over them to see if they’re appropriate.  Or not crap.  I’m stunned at how many picture books for little kids are completely rubbish.  I mean really, really rubbish.  Anyway, when we got home Arthur disappeared in to his room, then later I heard him burst out laughing, heard the creaking of his bunk bed ladder, heard him running down the hallway and he runs in to my room barely able to talk or breathe because he was all “the boy… in this book HA HA HAAAAAAA got in trouble HAHAHAHEEEEEEE from his teacher becauseHAHAHAHAHHA becauseHAHAHAHAHEEEEEEE becausebecause because he drew HAHAHAHAHAH he drewHAHHAHAHEHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa he drew a submarine instead of a peeHEHEEEEEEpeeHEHEHEEE penis”.  I looked at him and said say, what’s this book you’re reading and Arthur says “the one you chose for me”:


Lately I’ve been decluttering.  A full garbage bag of stuff went to the op shop and today’s task was to sort out the old kitchen dresser.  It houses all my cookbooks, storage containers, oven trays and cake tins and just crap in general.  Once a year I make sure all the containers are stored with their lids but six months later, I end up with this:

dresser1Stuff is thrown everywhere and the lids are who knows where.  So today I sorted all that out.  I also realised I have a slight problem when it comes to cookie cutters…


Yes, that’s a Princess Toadstool pink cookie cutter.  I got them from a seller on Etsy who uses a 3D printer for My Little Pony and Super Mario cutters.  I got them for DeeW but haven’t used them yet.  And those Easter themed cutters in the round tin look great, but they’re really small.  Anyway, I went through that box of 100 Cookie Cutters and took out a few basic shapes and holiday themed cutters and the rest are off to the op shop.  I also have a heap of plastic containers to take to the op shop, though I fished a few back out to now sensibly store my cutters:


After the Clean (the empty space is for my wok):
… then I found all the ice cube trays.  I know we have about three more but I can’t find them.  This is the problem with Ikea, you see the really cheap ice cube trays and suddenly you find you CAN NOT leave there without the fish cubes:


So that’s really been it.  MoFo mojo practically non existant though I do have a flop to post about soon.  See you then!

14 thoughts on “Random What I Ate and my containers problem

  1. I want your cookie cutter collection! Have you been to Daiso lately? I find their cookie cutters and chocolate moulds super hard to resist.. and pretty much all their kitchen stuff actually. It’s all so cute!
    Also, I have had that tofu recipe bookmarked since it was uploaded and still haven’t done it. Must do.

  2. This is a fun little look at your life. I could totally see getting addicted to cookie cutters and cute ice cube trays. And what a funny story about your little guy’s reading material! Quite a choice, mom. 😉

    I think you probably have cooking flops because you are adventurous and you like to try new things. I make the same old same old most of the time!

    I hope you are feeling better soon!


  3. aw, how nice..your late Gradma’s gift was waiting for you for a rainy day. I hope you buy yourself something nice. We all have flops. At least your Grandma’s comfort cornflakes didn’t fail you.

  4. ah, flops. they happen to everyone, but when you have lots in a row, it can really be disheartening. I loved your awesome cornflakes story so much. I never thought of putting warm milk on my cornflakes, but I will have to give it a go. 🙂 Plus the black pepper tofu looks and sounds really nice. I am a cookie cutter hoarder. I have SO MANY, including that same Ikea Woodland animal set that you have! ha ha.

  5. I love the library – and decluttering. Both go well together, actually — instead of buying books and DVDs we can just get them for a few weeks and give them back. I honestly don’t know why more people don’t use the library ALL THE TIME.

    • As much as I love books, these days I’m leaning more towards library or ebooks. The amount of Stuff I’m left with even after a big declutter still blows my mind so I think this whole decluttering will be a very long project…

  6. glad to see lots of yummy food among the flops – not all bad – and I love your cookie cutters – I really have to remember my tubs where I store mine are full and not used enough when I see cute cookie cutters – and storing tubs is a constant battle – I have got a system but those who put away dishes don’t seem to recognise it. Hope you bought something nice with the money from your gran – love that you can eat a bowl of cornflakes to remember her. (and I once tried to cook bean curd skin and it was so awful I had to throw the meal out)

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